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    Hi. Working a new WordPress plugin and I’ve noticed that when I upload it via the plugin uploader, WordPress adds a number onto the filename. This is causing serious problems for the import/export settings functionality of the plugin as some of the stored data contain URL’s.

    The plugin is called the Riva Slider Lite (currently in development).

    If the user uploads and activates the plugin, WordPress will call its filename (for example) riva-slider-lite9. The user would then copy their exported settings, delete the plugin, then upload again. WordPress would then call this version riva-slider-lite10.

    If the user then imports their previously exported settings, URLs for the riva-slider-lite9 filename are inserted and all hell breaks loose.

    Rather than mess around with changing URLs, etc, I’d rather find a way to stop WordPress renaming the file like this. The deleted files are being deleted correctly, so their should be no problem simply calling the file riva-slider-lite, but WordPress insists on adding a number onto the filename (which increments with each install).

    Any have any ideas? Cannot find any documentation on it. Thanks in advance.

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  • MatthewRuddy


    Feeling stupid now. I’ve figured it out.

    Using a Mac to zip the plugins folder. For some reason Mac does weird things when compressing it, including multiple folders tiled _MACOSX, etc, which are hidden but visible in Windows.

    For any users running into similar issues, I now use a Virtual Machine of Windows XP to zip the archives. Gets rid of the number added onto the file name. A pain, but it works. Probably an app for Mac that does the same job out there.

    Not a WordPress problem after-all. Sorry.

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