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  1. chrisbrunt1234
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I'm having trouble with WordPress adding extra apostrophes every time I update a post. A post will publish fine the first time but with each update post after a extra apostrophes is added.

    For example

    Chris's will become Chris''s then Chris'''s

    This happens on a few different Macs all running Leopard and using WordPress 2.8.5.

    Anyone have any ideas as to whats causing it? Have I set something up wrong somewhere?



  2. chrisbrunt1234
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Ok so I have managed to fix this myself....

    Basically its something called magic qutoes that need to be turned off in you hosts php settings. I couldnt get them turned off by my hosting company as I have a shared hosting package.

    I tried editing my .htaccess file but that just resulted in server errors.

    The solution is to create your own "php.ini" file. I just used a text editor to create a file called "php.ini". The file needs to contain the lines:

    ; magic quotes should not be used
    magic_qutoes_gpc = Off

    then the file needs to be uploaded into your wordpress directory inside wp-admin.


    Thats it, worked for me anyway! No more ''''''''''''


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