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  • I’m using WordPress Version 4.6.1 We have started building an intranet site and have a requirement to include a staff directory. I have installed and configured the plugin ‘Active Directory Integration’ which works and imports AD users into WP. I have then installed the plugin ‘Simple Staff List’. My questions are:

    is it possible to somehow shows the Users on the Simple Staff List page? (or another plugin?)
    Or even better – is there a way to import Active Directory Users into WP but display them as a Staff List?
    Am I missing something here? Can the Users be displayed in such a way to look like a staff page? In summary, we want Active Directory as ‘the source of truth’ so any updates would then be reflected in WordPress Staff page.



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  • You could try the Simple Employee Directory plugin… it uses WP core user and usermeta tables that work with other plugins such as AD Integration that use core WP tables

    I’ve installed ‘Simple Intranet Employee Directory’ is this the one you mean? How do I get to talk to AD Integration?

    Simple Intranet Employee Directory uses standard user and usermeta tables in WordPress, so username, email, first and last names will map automatically. You just have to map any extra fields you want via the AD plugin that you use.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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