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  • I have a really strange problem with my website. When I try to register an account for the blog, the whole website hangs. It eventually comes back, but it takes forever and you can’t access the rest of the site as this happens.

    We checked our APACHE processes as this happened and nothing seemed to be bloating. In fact, nothing seems to be wrong at all according to APACHE, but the whole site is inaccessible when this happens.

    Some background info that may help:

    • Our server is a virtual Rackspace cloud server
    • We run APACHE, we’re not expert Sys Admins and our settings may not be optimal
    • We use W3 Total Cache: memecached, page cache, database cache, APC. Sometimes Varnish
    • Something similar has happened in the past. We have an Event Manager plugin ( so that anonymous people can submit events. Once we got up to ~400 events, the server started hanging when people would submit. We eventually got around this by restarting httpd every once in a while. Not sure if this helps but thought it might be relevant.

    Any help, clues, thoughts would be super appreciated. I’m very worried this has to do with the Event Manager problem and will become an issue as our season begins to ramp up again.

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  • Does it go away if you disable the events manager plugin?

    Nope, same problem

    Have you done the basic troubleshooting? Switch to 2011 to rule out theme issues, disabled all plugins and then reactivated one by one to rule out plugin conflict?

    When I say I worry it has something to do with the Events Manager problem, I mean the same underlying issue is causing problems with both actions. I did disable the Event Manager plugin and registering for a WordPress blog account (on my site) still knocked the whole site down until registration was complete (takes over a minute.. sometimes a few minutes).

    @andrew… I’ve tried it with the default theme 2011 and it didn’t fix the issue. I’ll try it with plugins deactivated one-by-one.

    I only ask because those first troubleshooting steps resolve 99% of issues in my experience, and then it comes down to diagnosing what’s wrong with the individual plugin.

    That said, if it doesn’t work, we can start looking at more advanced debugging steps.

    There doesn’t seem to be any plugin issues, but I realized it could be the mailer. Whenever you register the server sends out an email and I think this might be the issue.

    Doesn’t explain the event manager problem, but seems to be a reasonable suspect for this issue.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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