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  • Hi, I have WordPress (latest version) up and running but it can’t seem to access the internet when I try to import blogger content as well as when I try to use the Ajax spellchecker (where it says permission denied). I’m using as a host and had to enable curl in order for the blogger import to try and work. Any thoughts or ideas will be appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Currently it seems Blogger.Com is having it’s own problems, and therefore WordPress is not able to import from blogger. As for the Ajax Spellchecker, can I see a specific error if there is one?

    Basically it says failed to connect to (ip address). Permission Denied… I’m also not able to automatically pull in posts that I submit to the wordpress email account I set up. It seems that my installation isn’t able to communicate with other sites, etc. via the web…

    I’m still having the issue I described above. I have enabled cURL, but I still can’t “pull” content into my blog in that I can’t grab album art from Amazon using iTunes Spy, or pull in a video from YouTube using Video Blogger. All other aspects of the plugins are working as they should… Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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