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  • explosive: If you look at the date on that slashdot post it is from 31st March. This is old news and not really news/relavent anymore.

    Matt replied to it a few days later so please go and read his side of the story.


    Please see this discussion:

    WordPress does NOT contain spyware. It fights comment spam harder than a LOT of online software. There are also a variety of add on tools that will also fight even harder than any online software programs, and using these in combination, WORK.

    The world is filled with people with hate in their hearts. And a lot more people follow the negative energy where they find it. If you look for positive talk about WordPress, you will find MILLIONS of hits on search engines about it. Is that propoganda? No, it is the truth. If you look for negative talk, you will find it, but it will be a tiny minority.

    The Slashdot article is a dead subject and had to do with an experiment in advertising on the WordPress site and NOTHING to do with the software.

    Before posting such things, please research these things for yourself. It only encourages the negative seekers.

    Spam is a term used for unwanted email. Comment spam is used for posting unwanted comments on any site. A Spammer Tool is software that generates unwanted emails or comment spam. WordPress is none of these things. It is a blogging tool and an almost-CMS. RESEARCH.

    Here are a few of the good things people are saying: – Rosie O’Donnell
    Apple Computers (uses WordPress)
    CNet (uses WordPress)
    Want more?

    yes i shall do some reading from now on…thanks …

    i know spam is related to email etc…but it was question of WP spamming the google with multiple pages etc…

    now i got it..i was not convinced by that article on slashdot…thats y i posted it here…i don’t believe it too…its old article …but…just browsed it again..[had doubts, so..!]

    thanks for the info…

    i am convinced..sorry for not seeing the older post in here…sorry..

    thanks for your patience writing..

    thanks a lot…:)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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