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  • I run a fairly deep website and I was thinking of switching over to the wordpress format because of it functionality and ease of use.

    However, would I be able to duplicate all exact paths to all my content? so all sites linking to my site would still work.

    Plus, i’m just not sure if WordPress is a viable option to link over 800 pages.

    I’m not to familiar with the worldpress world, but to me it looks like a win – win situation once the initial set up is done.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • I use the Redirection plugin when I move site to WordPress so I can redirect all the old pages to the new ones

    Just a couple things to keep in mind… it’s good to pay attention to whether most of the links point to your site with the www. or without. WordPress will redirect to the appropriate page regardless of which you use, but it’s better not to have redirects from an SEO perspective if you can help it. So if most of the links point to your site with the www. then when you install WP I would recommend setting up your WP installation to have the www. in the URL by default.

    It will be some work to copy all that content into WordPress, but once it’s done it’ll probably be easier to manage it.

    As far as paths to your content, that Redirection plugin @c3mdigital mentioned sounds good though I haven’t tried it yet. But how smoothly all that goes may depend somewhat on how organized your current content is. It looks like most of your links are to pages ending in .php. I would assume you’d want to setup your permalinks to end in .php so your links don’t all change.

    While I haven’t tried appending .php to the end of URLs, I would assume it can be done. On the WP Permalinks page located at
    near the bottom it shows how to have them in in .html, so I assume you could do the same thing with .php.

    As you create your pages you’d just have to make sure the permalink is the same as what the page previously was.

    I would agree that the best bet would be to set up your permalinks so the pages could have the same url structure as your current site. You could use /%postname%.php and use the same page names as the current site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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