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  • I read some support feedback saying Multisite may not be entirely supported — and this issue may be in that bubble. Doubt it, as it worked before…

    In my “Menu” options the plugin is sporadically Unhecking Boxes. Underneath the “Menu” – nothing takes, at all. I’m referring to the Write Post/Page/Event etc. Keep in mind – this is after I updated the plugin, and prior to making any changes, the boxes were checked and working — Updating the Options wrecked the setup.

    It almost seems random as well — while some user roles remain checked, others will go unchecked, and this is referring to the “Menu” editor – reminding everything below the Menu editor remains unchecked. I also notice “Profile” is all checked — and cannot be unchecked. I understand – some custom plugins and features are managed separately – but I don’t think leaving my “Tools” etc. exposed is in another plugins control.

    Some features that will sporadically uncheck boxes for only some users;
    – Jetpack Omnisearch
    – All Bulk Edit Fields
    – Anything JW Player Related
    – Custom Plugins, such as Full Width Audio Player
    – Filter Groups of the Plugin Filter Plguin
    – Dilemmas
    – Formcraft
    – Contact
    – WooCommerce (but that’s a given, controlled elsewhere)
    – Appearance Options
    – Settings
    – Tools

    …plus of course, everything Under “Menu” doesn’t take whatsoever.

    Why oh why does this plugin fail so hard?

    Thanks for any support that could be provided.

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