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    After upgrading my website to WordPress 5.6, Popup Maker is no longer working. I’m running the latest version 1.13.1. Here is the Javascript error from DevTools that I’m seeing on my home page.

    pum-site-scripts.js?defer&generated=1606139499&ver=1.13.1:7 Uncaught TypeError: t.addClass(...).position(...).trigger is not a function
        at n.fn.init.reposition (pum-site-scripts.js?defer&generated=1606139499&ver=1.13.1:7)
        at n.fn.init.p.fn.popmake (pum-site-scripts.js?defer&generated=1606139499&ver=1.13.1:7)
        at (pum-site-scripts.js?defer&generated=1606139499&ver=1.13.1:7)
        at n.fn.init.p.fn.popmake (pum-site-scripts.js?defer&generated=1606139499&ver=1.13.1:7)
        at pum-site-scripts.js?defer&generated=1606139499&ver=1.13.1:7
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  • Thanks @moneill

    How are your popups triggered?

    Have you tested to rule out any conflicts with other plugins or themes? You can review our documentation on finding causes of conflicts here:

    @fpcorso: I have my pop-ups trigger as auto open. The only other pop-up style plug-in I have is PopUp Builder but those are set to certain pages with accordins and when I applied the pop-up to those pages I didn’t have any issue.

    Our website currently has the pop-up active if you’d like to click around:

    Currently I have it functioning on a few product pages, checkout, customer account page and the homepage with a 1 hour cookies settings. Like I said — working on mobile but not desktop.

    I wish I could provide more feedback, but I’m just the administrator on the site and not the developer so my coding knowledge is pretty general.

    Hope this helps!

    Hey @moneill

    I went to your site and saw this popup auto-open which appears to be made by Popup Maker. Was this the popup you were having trouble with or was it a different one?

    If this one, can you try clearing your cookies in your browser for your site? Which browser were you using?


    Hi Frank,

    Can you please check my site and offer a possible solutions to the pop up malfunction. As stated previously, upon clicking on a button to open a pop up, the screen freezes and nothing appears while the name of the pop up is visible in the url above:

    (under the tab ‘Abstract Submission’ – the button Submit Abstract)

    (upon clicking on any button marked ‘Full Paper’)

    Thank you

    I have tried this and working fine. Disabling the plugin slideshow ck the popup works again. Others People in this forum have disabled he plugin Meta Slider and the popup works again. This if it could be useful for solving the problem.

    @fpcorso: I clearned the cookies and cache and am still having issues. I am in Google chrome, but also tested in Safari and Firefox with no luck. Like I said, it’s only the home page.

    Before the WordPress 5.6 update it was working just fine. Unfortunately I had to update the 6.0 immediately because some of my Jetpack add-ons required the upgrade.

    Hi all,

    I have checked with Health Check plugin and switched on each plugin one by one.

    The failure appeared with “WP Photo Album Plus” using the [filmonly] shortcode in a banner widget (Pure & Simple Child Theme) controlled by “Widget Logic”.

    However with a number of back and forth checks, it appears that there is indeed a conflict with the “WP Photo Album Plus” plugin independent of “Widget Logic” – at least in my environment.

    As this photo plugin starts with a “W”, it was one of the last plugins I activated and as this is a really well-done and powerful plugin, I never though I could trace it down there.

    I did no further combinatory checks, hence, it could of course be generated in combination with another plugin I activated earlier and only then triggering the dysfunction “as if” “WP Photo Album Plus” would be the generator.
    You never know…

    I do hope that this might help.

    Best regards


    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    Thanks for the reports everyone but a few things of note, and then look for my follow up post on some troubleshooting steps to narrow down the problem.

    We are committed to helping you through this, but please come at this with the notion that it very well may not be Popup Maker as the root source of the issue.

    1. The plugin was tested thoroughly, not only with WordPress 5.6, but also with the jQuery tester plugin that was released for WP 5.5. Our plugin worked with or without jQuery migrate, all the way from jQuery 1.12 -> jQuery 3 using the options that were recommended to test against.

    2. The error in the OP’s post (@austinginder) has been reported for years. In 100% of those cases it indicated that either no copy of jQuery was loaded, or that multiple copies were being loaded. .trigger is and always has been a valid jQuery function. So if its missing, jQuery is too.

    3. Any theme or plugin with JS errors caused by the new WP update can, and likely will break your popups. There is not much we can do about that in all honesty except help you deduce where it comes from more accurately. This has been something we’ve unfortunately had to deal with for years, and with over 30k tickets answered by myself alone I can attest that this makes up most of our support requests for “my popup stopped working suddenly after updating …”. It also makes up a huge portion of our users who report being unable to make it work initially.

    Ultimately they have JS errors on their site and simply don’t know it because nothing appeared broken, until their popups stopped working.

    @moneill – Is it that or is it a logged in / logged out issue, which would point to you using caching that needs purged. But then again what you see when logged in would become what you see when logged out.

    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    As this does not appear to be mass wide spread (only a handful of reports so far) we need to start on the assumption there is likely a conflict either from another plugin/theme or with a specific combination of popup settings/content.

    If your having issues lease try the following sets of procedures to narrow it down.

    Eliminate potential conflicts

    1. Install the Health Check plugin.
    2. Go to Plugins -> View All and click the Troubleshooting link for Popup Maker
    3. Retest to see if the issue remains.
    4. If it does move on to next section.
    5. If not, then activate your theme via the Troubleshooting admin bar menu item. Retest to check for conflicts.
    6. Activate other plugins until the issue comes back.
    7. The last plugin/theme activated before it breaks is where the conflict is originating.
    8. Report it to them and us.

    Tracking down issues with specific setups.

    1. Does it work when logged in / logged out (eliminate cache issues)
    2. Mark all popups as draft and retest site.
    3. Check for JS errors. (would currently not be from our plugin).
    4. Add new empty popup with no triggers, publish it with default conditions.
    5. Retest checking for errors on front end.
    6. Open test popup from admin toolbar.
    7. If all works at this point, its something with or in the content of a specific popup.
    8. Publish other popups one at a time, retesting until the issue reappears.
    9. Once the offending popup is found, remote its content to clipboard/notepad and save, retest.
    10. If the issue is gone, the content inside the popup is the cause.
    11. If not then some setting on that popup is in conflict somehow which we need to debug directly.
    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @kokicot1994 – Yours is pretty simple. Elementor doesn’t allow click events on buttons using # links. You will need to use a real link there along with adding the correct popmake- CSS class to that button.

    They do this for smoothscrolling but it has side effects.

    But to be clear this has long been an issue that we can’t overcome on our end, not something related to this thread I think.

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    Thanks so much for all your help! I tried logged in and logged out of the site to see if that was the issue and am still having issues with the the pop-up not working on the homepage. I also have it designated to pop up on the cart page and it doesn’t work there either.

    I will try the Health PlugIn you mentioned and see if helps identify the problem.

    @fpcorso said that the pop-up was working when he visited the site. Are you able to see it as well? Both me and one of my co-workers troubleshooting are having the same trouble.

    I’ll try the notes you made in the last post and see if I can figure out the issue.

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @moneill – Try the last 2 sets of procedures and let me know what you come up with.

    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @mitfi – Have you reported the issue to them to see if they can shed any light? Also can you follow these steps:

    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @saltun – Thanks for letting us know. From what we can tell most of the affected users are experiencing similar issues where another plugin is now in conflict after the WP 5.6 update.

    @danieliser: Actually I know the answer to that. It broke right after I upgraded to WordPress 5.6. I even reverted my site back to 5.4.4 and that fixed the issue. Unfortunately I needed to upgrade for my WooCommerce Shipping and Taxes settings, so that’s why I was forced into upgrading WordPress. No other plug-ins were installed before or after that time.

    I’m still working with the Health Check app to see if any errors are occuring.

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