• Good evening,
    I want to report a problem that I found with your plugin: today I updated my site from the version of Wprdpress 5.5.3 to the version 5.6 released yesterday.
    Once the update is done, every time I go to click the mouse somewhere on the site, a black overlay appears to me as big as the whole site like the one in the gallery, but it does not close. If I go to refresh the web page, it disappears, and then reappears by clicking anywhere on the site.
    I checked from the inspector and the problem appears to be one of your plugin files.
    Could you please help me?

    I can try to help you by providing the following data (at least what I seem to see):
    – the overlay appears in the body with the following line of code:
    <div id = "swipebox-overlay" style = "width: 2560px; height: 781px;">
    – the file that makes the overlay appear could have the following path:
    … / plugins / responsive-lightbox / assets / swipebox / swipebox.min.css

    Thank you for your availability,
    I await feedback.

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  • I am experiencing the exact same issue as of this morning. Was able to pinpoint it to this plugin as well. Look forward to a new release or temporary fix. Thanks!

    Exact same problem. Hoping that the author will fix, but this plugin hasn’t had any updates in 6 months.

    Hi, I am having the same issue: A big black overlay appears on each mouse click that makes the side unusable.

    FYI, we used the “WP Downgrade” plugin to easily go back to WordPress 5.3.3, while we wait to see if this author is going to fix their plug in or not. As soon as we rolled back to 5.3.3, the plugin starts to work again:


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    Yep, I used the same plugin…it works!

    But I hope the author go to fix this problem because I like update my websites of course.

    Same issue here :/

    Same here.
    I’ve looked at and tested some other lightbox plugins but none use rel=”lightbox” so I have to go through the whole site and change in every page. Does anyone know if there are other plugins that use rel=”lightbox”?

    Same issue. I am not in favor of downgrading core. Better would be a compatible plugin.

    I’ll add a “me too” to this problem in the hopes it gives the plugin owner some reason to fix it. My solution, for now, is to disable this plugin. Obviously, that’s not a long term solution…

    Same here, got it on many websites.
    It is a critacal bug, as it renders page totally broken!
    Please fix ASAP.

    Is there a fix? or an ETA on the fix? Clearly everyone is having the same issue…

    Folks, this plugin hasn’t been updated in 6 months. Further, WordPress 5.6 was available for testing purposes two months ago, so the author could have tested their plugin with the new version and fixed this prior to the release of 5.6. This all adds up to a plugin that has been abandoned by the author. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but we all need to find a new, supported plugin to replace this one.


    The plugin author says the following:

    The WordPress 5.6 release included major changes. We’ve found number of issues that affected Responsive Lightbox & Gallery and working on them one by one to prepare a complete bugfix release.
    If you can, please hold on couple of days before a 5.6 upgrade. We plan to release an updated RLG by the end of the week.
    Sorry for any inconveniences – we’re doing our best.


    Same issue after upgrading to 5.6. When clicking on any site link, the page displays nothing but a black background with a white X in upper right.

    However, as a quick fix go to Lightbox | General and change the Default lightbox to prettyPhoto or another preferred light effect that is not SwipeBox.

    My guess – this appears to be an Ajax/JQuery issue within WP not necessarily the the author.
    So just try changing the Default lightbox until there’s a fix.

    Saludos,,,tambien tengo ese mismo problema de la pantalla en negro que aparece.

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