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    image src=”undefined” for most of the images on my website

    Only the WordPress native Lazy-Load is active on My Website

    Check this Image:

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Same problem here…all the website images disappeared after wordpress 5.5 update

    Same problem here, all hero images and sliders disappeared after wordpress 5.5 update!
    Please help

    @amreshkramar When you say only the WordPress native Lazy-load is active, do you mean this plugin:

    If so, this plugin can be deactivated as all of the features included in that plugin have been added to WordPress Core in 5.5.

    Can you confirm if this fixes your issue?

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    @desrosj Hi, are you aware about the new features of the latest WordPress 5.5? It comes with image Lazy Load & XML sitemap features….That means now image Lazy-Load is a native features of WordPress. ..In-built Feature………..You don’t need a plugin for Lazy Loading Images…..It happens by default

    That is what I said….No Plugin is active for Lazy Loading on my website.

    Because of the WordPress Lazy Load feature, images are not showing on my website

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    @desrosj sorry ….. I misread your replay…

    No plugin is active in my website for Lazy Loading

    But because of the Lazy Load feature in the latest WordPress 5.5, images are not showing on my website


    Thanks for confirming. I am well aware of the features in WordPress 5.5. The plugin I linked was where that feature was developed before it was ultimately merged into WordPress. That was an important item to clarify and confirm, as running both the plugin and WordPress 5.5 (containing lazy-loading) would potentially cause issues.

    The page you indicated that you need help with when you opened the topic does not show the problem that you are describing. If I view source, there are no image tags with src="undefined".

    Can you provide any more details for how to see the issue?

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    @desrosj sorry ….. accept my apologies……I misread your first replay…

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    @desrosj Is it WordPress Lazy Load or something else…I don’t Know…But the Issue happened after WordPress 5.5 update

    Please check this YouTube:

    Every time I refresh the page, the image appears only for a second or two..

    Can you try a different browser? Which browser was the screencast recorded in? In my testing using Firefox on MacOS, I cannot reproduce.

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    @desrosj thanks for replaying

    before posting the issue…I checked my website on


    Microsoft Edge

    if you are able to see those images on my website clearly then it is caching problem….I think I have to clear cache from Cloudflare

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 12 months ago by Amar.
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    @desrosj Hi,

    My website has this caching plugin

    It has the image Lazy Load feature

    After WordPress 5.5 update, I deactivated the Lazy load feature of the plugin

    I activated the feature again

    Now there is no image loading issue

    Thank you

    ‘enable-jquery-migrate-helper’ – this plugin solves the problem of images disappearing after update to WP 5.5.

    I have same issue, all slider and post images are gone, crazy !! I now restore my site back to yesterday. Can anyone advise how to avoid this horrible issue? I only have Jetpack installed. Even I deactivate it and update WordPress, same issue and all images of slider and posts are gone

    Please advise, thanks !

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