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    For me it’s a sad day after using WordPress for over 10 years,

    I really feel bad now that Yoast is not part of the WP Team anymore and now that version 5.5 is out we can really see that effect.
    I did really do my best to enjoy Gutenberg and before version 5.5 I dropped Classic Editor and learned myself to get used to Gutenberg.

    But as of today 5.5 shows us that WordPress was never ment for Marketing or SEO.
    The first thing anyone learns about SEO is how important the Permalink is and Title.
    Since version 5.5 WordPress decided it was a good idea to hide the Permalink from above the Title field in Gutenberg.

    Now we have to change the URL in the very small sidebar settings under Permalink BUT it is so small and the sidebar cannot be expanded, it is just
    a very bad horrible decision.

    What if you have a really long domain?
    What if you use Yoast Post Duplicator, you cannot even see the Slug fast enough to make a change.

    I have a bad feeling after I have seen this being done to Gutenberg and using Classic Editor is not a option as I love to use
    Kadence Blocks that only works with Gutenberg. Also I have to retrain all my clients to have a look in that tiny space for Permalink.

    I wish Yoast was still part of the WP team as this dumb decision would have never happened in the first place.

    For me after 20 years it might be time to go back to HTML sites and leave WordPress for good.

    Hate to make this decision but they do not take us serious and have no idea how their design decisions have a effect on real business
    and SEO websites.

    I hope this will change but if not I will have to move to an other platform with pain in my heart.

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  • Yoast is still actively participating in things here. Especially in development and support… Very active.

    And you can revert WordPress or reinstall an earlier version in a backup if you wish.

    This is the revert plugin I use here when I need it…

    But all that said…

    I’d prefer everyone to work together to solve issues with the latest, greatest versions.

    And if you’re concerned about the WP sitemaps… that can be disabled and your Yoast plugin will disable it if you’d rather run the Yoast sitemaps. You might find this Yoast FAQ article helpful…

    I sincerely hope this helps you. Let us know if you need anything else.

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    Jon, thank you for writing this. I had a massive shock with the update, so I couldn’t even take a long look at everything, I just went straight to the forums to voice my concern about 300% increase in workload (and strain on hand muscles) when previewing site while editing [ my post: ] The problem I write about, and a quick look at Gutenberg, makes me realise that there are many “fancy” “improvements” at the cost of practicality and usability. What beggars belief is that it’s 2020, decades of awareness that things have to be easily accessible, so for heaven’s sake, why make things more difficult!?

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    I agree 100% with you, but there is worse. The new sitemap actually discloses ALL authors’ user IDs.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    @mariedi Usernames are not secrets. Disclosing them is not a legitimate security issue.

    However, if you don’t want a sitemap of the user pages:

    add_filter( 'wp_sitemaps_add_provider', function ($provider, $name) {
      return ( $name == 'users' ) ? false : $provider;
    }, 10, 2);
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    @jnashhawkins Thank you for the reply but I prefer not to downgrade to be real, I was just getting used to Gutenberg as I wanted to love it so bad. I also will not complain on WP forum or give it 1 star as that does not help any developer in my opinion.

    But I do hope the team could take a look at this as having the permalink popup when you used to click the mouse above the Titel in Gutenberg was really good as workflow.
    Maybe they could change it back that would be great if possible.

    Also did not know why Yoast seems to think I do not like WP and shortens it to just my last past of this post that I wanted to go back to simple HTML.

    Well, I do not want to go back as I still love WP as anyone else here I just have a hard time when they change something that is very important part of the article (The Permalink)

    @nicove Yeah we have to get used to changes but primary things should not really change in my opinion. It is like e.g. removing the Title tag so we can just start writing.

    It would seem nice as you can begin writing and not worry about the Title of the article but like the Permalink, the Title is also very important and yeah it was good before 5.5 I started to get used to Gutenberg, now not so much.

    No idea about sitemaps, I just still use Yoast for that and check all manually before I ever submit anything to Google SC.

    And for userid.

    You have to learn MySQL, it is not that hard if you put time into it.
    I think you can change display_name to something else but maybe this also works in backend of WP to change your display name.

    I always make sure my login name is NOT the same as author name and if I could recommend one thing to WP team is that maybe make a new field when installing to have a username and different author name. Hackers still need you password but having a different author name in the URL is better than then one you login with.

    Anyway, hope they will change the Permalink option be back like it was before 5.5 as that would really be a better experience and also that no one forgets to make sure the permalink / post URL is correct and has the keywords you want for the article.

    Have a great weekend.


    @jonhopstra From your text, I was under the impression you wished to revert backwards from 5.5 to your previous version which was most likely 5.4.X… I wasn’t suggesting a revert to the pre Block Editor (Gutenberg) versions.

    If you don’t want to revert backwards then you’ll need to work with what you have until an update with a fix or a workaround occurs but what I suggested should get you back to what you were comfortable with.

    I don’t understand what you are trying to say here…

    Also did not know why Yoast seems to think I do not like WP and shortens it to just my last past of this post that I wanted to go back to simple HTML.

    Let us know if we can help you further.

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    @jnashhawkins Thanks for the reply and that part about Yoast was not relevant and I should not have add it to the post here.

    You have any idea who to contact or what part of the forum I need to use to ask a developer how I could add back URL Permalink Block above Title Block?

    I which I could send Matt an email as this should be back in Gutenberg.

    The settings for the document under Permalink is to small to show the Whole Permalink URL.

    This is really the only thing that frustrates me for the rest I love WordPress.

    Do I need to have a git account? To get in contact with them or if you know some JavaScript Block code that was using as permalink in the previous version maybe I can program it back in using my own PHP code.

    Have a great weekend.

    Disconnecting the permalink/slug from the title UI was a horrible decision. Why introduce a regression that major at all?

    It just requires retraining users for no benefit, and it’s in a far less obvious place.

    The sidebar also can and will get very crowded on a lot of sites in practice with custom fields and whatnot.

    We found the permalink options available from the Title area to be so useful and user-friendly (incl. open in new tab and copy permalink). This is going to make training our editors so much harder. 🙁

    Thread Starter Jon


    Hello all,

    To all reading this, I made a comment on the Git page for Gutenberg about it and they will take it into account.

    There really was never a Permalink Block, it was just hard-coded into the Editor just like with Classic Editor plugin.

    The reason they removed it is not to make life harder but they like to make it like a Page Builder and may have done this for the future of WordPress front editing option, just like with Elementor.

    But the main developer does realize that this is not a good workflow and the point I made about the side document settings options in Gutenberg editor being to narrow and also to easy to skip, they did agree.

    So yes, they agree, Permalink is just as important as the Main Title of your article.

    (Remember, if you change the permalink after you publish your post it might take weeks, yes WEEKS until Google will take that new URL into it’s database and index)

    So, always make sure NOT to forget the keywords you want to rank for in this Permalink place and have it good before pressing Publish.

    But they are working on it, for now we need to live with this but maybe not for long. They already separate it into a new box you can use. Use that box/place and add your article keywords you want to rank for there.

      Do NOT forget it!

    They will add Permalink into a new section in the future so it will be visible in front of your eyes when creating your article and then you do not have to scroll down to the little place in Gutenberg options like it currently is.

    Hope this update helps.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    So, always make sure NOT to forget the keywords you want to rank for in this Permalink place and have it good before pressing Publish.

    Keywords in the URL are irrelevant and don’t matter. Search engines do not use the URL in the manner you describe, and do not take keywords in the URL into account.

    Thread Starter Jon



    See number #3 for keywords in URL

    One more:

    I have studied this for 12 years, trust me on this advice.


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I’ve done this for 16 years, and know people at the search engine companies. You’re wrong. Simple as that.

    Look, URLs are not magic. They’re references to content. They search content. Nothing more than that.

    Thread Starter Jon



    I’ve done this for 16 years, and know people at the search engine companies. You’re wrong. Simple as that.

    Thanks for being so friendly as a WordPress moderator, do you realize that I took my time to follow-up on this post to help everyone else? I have no interest going in discussion with you about SEO.

    I will not give you any more links on the net were I can prove the URL is of vital importance as we have a totally different mindset and it is not worth my time going into a discussion with you about this. I know I am 100% correct and you should just accept this from me.

    Of course there is more to SEO than the URL of your article. But if you think that it does have no effect what words to put there than ask Yoast why he puts a notice on Permalink section in WordPress to not change it. Just send a message to @devnihil

    We both have a different opinion. I just wanted to help and put my time into it to tell anyone following this post why the Permalink in the Gutenberg editor has moved and what the future plans are going to be. I could also just have left this open but for people following they now know why it was changed because I took my time to respond and follow-up on this.

    Thanks for reading this and have a great day.
    Regards, Jon

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    This has been resolved.

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