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  • The best Solution is to downgrade to 5.4.2 Using the WP Downgrade Plugin by Version 1.2.1 | By Reisetiger. It resolves my issue with the WordPress 5.5.

    I had issues with the Visual Composer was broken and the theme options on my pages were not displaying well. Now with the downgrade to 5.4.2 is working fine.


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  • for me migrate helper either does nothing or says there is an error (I’ve had to fix numerous sites that were automatically updated). thankfully downgrading works. i surely hope wordpress realizes this is a colossal blunder.

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    Cannot add a url link. After I click in the icon the sidebar stop working and also cannot scroll up anymore.

    Is also not possible to edit any url links.

    These are the issues that I have seen until now while using the classic editor.


    Does anyone know if this roll back plugin works with Multi-site?

    WP Downgrade Plugin by Version 1.2.1 | By Reisetiger.

    Upgraded my Multisite to 5.5 and have all kids of odd issues from not being able to customize the theme to weird issue with uploading photos and scheduling post.

    Didn’t have any of these issues with the previous version.

    Hopfully I can do the rollback until WP 5.5 has it’s issues worked out.

    Thanks for your input.

    jQuery Migrate Helper for the win here. I am a theme developer and was wondering why the “Classic Editor” wasn’t showing the TINY MCE options, nor would the “Add Media” button work. Also, some of the menu options that are contained within dropdowns — in the menus editor — would not drop down IE “Custom Link”.

    I had rolled back using WP-Downgrade as many on this thread have done just to avoid the debugging.

    jQuery Migrate Helper solved all of these issues.

    @sterndata thank’s for the valuable feedback there. I will be adding this to all of my themes. Question: is it possible to just enqueue the script in functions.php or is a plugin absolutely necessary?

    Thanks again.

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    The fact that your theme needs jQuery migrate is a problem. The plugin is a shim to allow older plugins and themes to work. You need to fix your theme(s). No, I don’t know how; you should look closely at the jQuery you use.

    @sterndata that’s interesting. I use the version of jQuery that comes bundled with WordPress. When jQuery migrate was first introduced, it wasn’t placed in any of my themes by me, that would lead me to believe that it comes from WP core? Is this not true?

    Are you saying that the jQuery version bundled with WP is bad, or the actual jQuery code being used in the build is bad?


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    jQuery migrate was part of WordPress core. it’s a shim to let you get away with bad coding. 🙂 Or something like that. It’s been moved out to a plugin to allow WP to move to the current version of jQuery over the next couple of releases. and

    Wow… Well, the plugin in that article you linked to looks like a good start. Time to clean up code.

    Interestingly enough, expecting to find horrible mistakes in my jQuery :/ all I ended up doing was deactivating jQuery Migrate in my functions.php. Now there are no problems.

    Just to check my sanity, I proceeded to install the “Test jQuery Updates” plugin. I had no problem switching between jQuery versions. Everything works fine now.

    I removed migrate and the migrate helper plugin and am still using the jQuery v1.12.4 that is bundled with WP — no issues.

    Definitely a head scratcher. My console is not complaining anymore.

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    @jprida has it exactly correct. Beta testing isn’t our job. I’m in business and this has cost me three days of work with a critical deadline looming. These are our livelihoods WordPress is messing with. I downgraded and still have residual problems but WordPress 5.5 is not compatible with it’s own visual editor or any other visual editor. I don’t have anymore time to give solving this problems. Just having to spend time finding out what the problem is not putting bread on the table. You need to work this out with Beaver Builder and other visual editors.

    WordPress 5.5 Fix – Downgrade it to 5.4.2 !

    @veerajramdhun I’ve added WP Downgrade Plugin by Version 1.2.1 | By Reisetiger. But the older theme and the issues are still there. Can you tell me what further actions I should take?



    Thanks for the suggestions. The action that finally solved my WP 5.5 update issue was to:

    1. Find an incompatible plugin. The clue was seeing the name of that plugin very faintly in the lower left corner of the site footer, on the pages that didn’t fully load.

    2. Deactivate and delete this plugin that hadn’t been updated for 5 years (WP-CopyProtect).

    3. Purge the website’s caches.

    4. Re-save the specific pages that were reported as displaying blank.

    …I hope this helps.


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