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  • Resolved Paul Ryan


    Aloha, we are wondering if you folks have been able to get this plugin working with the new “update by uploading ZIP files” feature in WordPress 5.5:

    Version 5.5

    Basically, WordPress 5.5 includes support for manually updating themes and plugins to a new version by uploading a ZIP file.

    However, we are running into a problem where it keeps asking for credentials when trying to update a theme or plugin by uploading a ZIP file.

    in wp-admin single site mode, go to:
    1. Plugins > Installed Plugins
    2. Click Add New button
    3. Click Upload Plugin button
    4. Click Choose File and navigate to your ZIP file
    5. Click Install Now
    6. Enter your SFTP/SSH credentials via this plugin
    7. If the version numbers differ between the installed version and the ZIP file, you will see a new screen (as of WordPress 5.5) comparing them and asking whether you want to proceed.
    8. Click Replace current with uploaded. You will be taken back to step #6, and will loop between steps 6-8 indefinitely without actually updating.

    See screenshot for what step #7 looks like:

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  • Paul Ryan


    Here’s the core trac issue for the feature:

    Plugin Author David Anderson



    This plugin adds support at the “WP filesystem API” level for SFTP protocols. By design of the WP filesystem API, it is ignorant of what the caller is using the API to achieve (which is as it should be). That is to say, the plugin is asked to do things like “access this file”, “get details about that file”; there’s no way to “make it work with feature X”, because that’s not the level that the filesystem API works at: either feature X is rightly coded all will “just work”, or it’s wrongly coded and won’t. So it’s quite likely the latter. (The other possibility being that the credentials are wrong). Do you have an ordinary FTP (not SFTP) account you can test with to see if the feature works with WP’s built-in ordinary FTP support?


    Paul Ryan


    Yeah, looks like the issue is probably in core; after more testing it seems the issue is the “Connection Information” intermediate step, where you provide your password (or private key). If this stage is in the new update routine, it will loop endlessly.

    I tested this on basic FTP as well. If FTP_PASS is defined in wp-config, it updates fine, but if not, the Connection Information screen will prompt for password, and loop between that screen and the new “Replace current with uploaded” screen.

    Paul Ryan


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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