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    So I’m using the construction theme by wp charming and upon updating to version 4.5 of wordpress, my stocked (non-manually updateable) visual composer is essentially broken. I click on any page and all the editing components are gone, it’s just a blank page.

    Here’s a link to two images of the admin options of the sites I’m working on (the first is the issue site, and the other is the functional visual composer). Link to images

    A couple things to note: First off, the issue site is wordpress v4.5, with a stock visual composer v4.9. The functional admin site is wordpress v4.4.2, with a purchased visual composer v4.11.1.

    Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Yep, seeing the same here too, updating wp breaks VC…

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ Plugin Review Team Rep

    Upgrade Visual Composer.

    I’ll update our master list, but this is pretty obvious I’d think. if the old version breaks and the new version works, then you upgrade. Or downgrade WordPress, but there’s no promise more things won’t stop working.

    Added to the master list as a known bug, but if anything, you need to tell them. That plugin isn’t hosted here, so we have no weight to throw at ’em.

    I’ve got exactly the same thing happening – poof, no more visual composer editor……immediately after WordPress required me to “update my database” to 4.5

    I imagine there will be approximately 1 million other people with the same issue! Whoa.

    I too am experiencing this. As many of my VC installs came bundled in premium themes, I guess all we can do is hope VC releases a new version, and theme developers push an update with the new version bundled. Definitely not good for those auto-updated WP installs, and website owners looking to work in them.

    So does anyone have wp v4.5 and vc v4.11.1 together and running? If so, I’ll just buy the actual version myself and therefore be able to stay updated

    10.03.2016 – ver 4.11
    Update: WordPress 4.5 compatibility added

    The main issue though is that a lot of themes that aren’t being supported anymore and came w a customised version of VC can’t update to the newest WP.

    The best solution would be to either have a another small WP patch to fix VC (which I don’t see them doing as the plugin isn’t part of the repository) or VC to come out w a small patch to fix all previous VC installs (or someone make a quick tutorial on how to manually fix the issue).

    This will cause a lot of problems me thinks…


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

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    The resolution to this is to upgrade Visual Composer to a newer version.

    They announced their fix for it a month ago:

    The truth of the matter is that if you’re running software which you cannot upgrade for whatever reason, then you either need to fix that problem, or you need to find alternative software to use. If Visual Composer is such an important part of your site, then you need to be able to update it properly.

    Contact whomever you purchased your copy from and get an update. If you can not do that, then get it from the Visual Composer people yourself (yes, pay for it if needed), and apply that upgrade.

    The “Bridge” theme developers did push an update with the latest VC plugin bundled, as I’ve built several sites with this theme. I’ve installed this updated theme, uninstalled old VC and re-installed with the latest packaged version. Everything is working on those installs now running 4.11.1.

    Waiting now on other premium theme developers to release updates containing the latest version of VC. If nothing comes within 24 hours I will purchase a separate license for VC.

    I think I’m just going to outright purchase visual composer. That way, I can stay up to date on the versions. Does anyone know if I were to uninstall vc then reinstall the newer version, if that would cause any issues with my current setup? Also thanks for all the help!

    This is a colossal fail. It’s easier said than done to tell people to upgrade to the latest version of VC when some of us have templates that are built with VC that wasn’t added as a plugin but rather baked into the template.

    What can be done to resolve this mess?

    Moderator James Huff


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    You’ll have to bring this up to your theme’s developer.

    WordPress is built by volunteers and offered for free. There are 3,823 themes and 44,008 plugins in the free directories alone, and there is absolutely no way the volunteers developing WordPress can take the time to ensure that every single plugin and theme remains compatible.

    Instead, we have a lengthy beta period during which we trust that the developers of themes and plugins (especially those making a living from them) will test and issue fixes as necessary. For those who are curious, 4.5’s release schedule is detailed at with the first beta released almost 2 months ago on February 25.

    While every attempt is made to preserve compatibility, we have to leave it up to the theme and plugins developers to ensure compatibility for their customers/users, and I am sorry that in this instance your theme’s developer did not.

    As mentioned above, it seems like owning a separate license specifically for Visual Composer is the only way to be absolutely sure that you are using the latest version of Visual Composer.

    I’ve updated to WP 4.5 today and the sidebar widgets in WordPress 2011 Theme are not functioning. Also, the front page alignment is over the sidebar area. Is there some way to determine if my issues are related to the visual composer mentioned in this forum? How can I determine if this Theme is no longer supported by WP? I’m not a programmer so any help or explanation would be appreciated.

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    Jan_SLCC_Admin – Go to your themes back on your dashboard and click on ‘Theme Details’

    That should show you a URL for the theme. You can go check there to see if it’s still supported.

    Or you can tell us the theme name šŸ™‚

    I’m using WordPress Twenty Eleven Theme. The Theme Details says it was updated yesterday, 4/11/2016.

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