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  • After I upgraded to WP, custom content shortcode doesn’t display some fields.
    In a loop
    – [field image=picture return=url] doesn’t return the url of custom field image anymore.
    – [field url] doesn’t return the url of the post anymore
    title and custom text fields still work fine.
    Outside a loop [if pass='{FIELD}’ empty=”false”]field={FIELD}&[/if] outputs on page withouth being processed.
    It is happening only to me?

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  • Broken mine also

    I am using this plugin

    Shortcodes not working.

    Thread Starter pappo87


    They fixed shortcodes vulnerability, I think all plugins that use them need an update.

    Broke mine to, but not all the shortcodes. Only the URL shortcodes ([field url] and custom ACF url field).

    Mine are broken too.



    Yes my ACF short-code also not working due to this update. What should i do now.

    My shortcode for images has been broken as well. All other shortcode for content type fields work fine.

    Argh, me too. 4.2.3 broke my Theme (Themify’s Landing)

    I think I’m going to install the previous version, 4.2.2 (found in the archive). Any reason why I shouldn’t do this? I’m new to all this.

    Also, I installed the Easy Updates Manager plugin and disabled all automatic updates so this won’t happen again. Again, any advice on why this would be a bad idea is appreciated.

    I ended up just writing my own shortcode to create a link from an ACF field as a temporary fix:

    function sc_podcast_link( $atts ) {
      extract( shortcode_atts( array(
        'field' => 'mp3_file',
        'text'  => '',
        ), $atts ) );
      $fval = get_field( $field );
      if ( empty( $text ) ) {
        $text = get_the_date( 'l, F d, Y' );
      return '<a href="' . $fval . '">' . $text . '</a>';
    add_shortcode( 'podcast_link', 'sc_podcast_link' );
    Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    Hello, I’m looking into this issue to see what needs to be fixed to be compatible with WP 4.2.3. So far, I’m also getting perplexing results with shortcodes either not being run or disappearing(?). Thanks for your patience, and I’ll make an update as soon as I figure out what the problem is.

    It’s a bug in the release of 4.2.3, some mods to “do_shortcode” got included when they shouldn’t have.

    Thanks Eliot! I’m also experiencing issues. So far I’ve noticed that edit-url isn’t working, nor {TERM_ID} when using the pass shortcode, if the output is a url. If the output is simple text, then it’s working fine.

    @msallin, this was a security update, so it’s best not to revert to a previous version, IMO…

    Can WP actually roll this change back to give theme and plugin developers adequate time to adjust their code? Perhaps a patch or an optional beta-update for folks who are stuck in this situation?

    Changes to the Shortcode API

    Basically, what it comes down to is they don’t like how we played with our toys in their sandbox, so they put a stop to it.

    This is permanent and a crappy way to handle updates.

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    I hope they will roll back this change. It was so handy to write codes in tags like we did. Writing a page in pure php is so much harder and lots of plugins won’t have reason to exist anymore. I bet half of wordpress sites have to be rewritten now.
    Is 4.2.2 really unsecure or can be used, atleast in the short term?

    please read my referred comment in track:

    I highly suspect no action will be taken here by “WP itself”, so it’s now up to “the community”

    We can (as community) ask for 2 things:

    – Stop auto-updates (it’s a free world after all)
    – Provide backwards (secure) compatibility for this famous “API Update”:
    (which I believe is not a planned API Update but a bare mistake)

    Since WP is a open community, I think it could be possible to achieve this.

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