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  • My wordpress auto-updated to 4.0.1 yesterday. I received an email that it has autoupdated. When I tried logging in to wordpress, I could no longer access any of my wordpress dashboard (there is just a blank white page).

    How do I fix this problem? Should I uninstall wordpress and install an older version? If so, how do I prevent it from auto-updating and creating this issue again?


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  • Try disabling your plugins through FTP. To do this, login to FTP and browse to your plugin folder wp-content/plugins. Rename the plugin folder to anything other than what it is. I usually add “-DIS” to the end. This lets me know it’s disabled.

    It’s most likely a plugin that isn’t compatible with 4.0.1. You have to renable them one by one by removing “-DIS” and see if you can login.

    PS You can also disable all plugins at once by renaming the plugin folder itself. This will tell you whether it’s a plugin or not.

    Thank you for helping me! You are right, it was a plugin that was incompatible. It’s fixed now, Thanks!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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