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    Howdy All,

    I just did an upgrade to WordPress 4.0 and everything looked to be working fine except I then tried to add tags to an existing post and I encountered two issues.

    The first was that I clicked on the Most Common Tags to select a few and it simply took it back up to the top of my page. Having no success there I moved on to adding new ones.

    After attempting to add new ones by typing them in separated with a comma and hit ADD, the ADD button stayed highlighted for a little bit and then did nothing. Repeated attempts at clicking the ADD button have resulted in the same end result; no new tags.

    Apparently, tagging is not function correctly? Which would be a great thing in real life, keeping all the little maggots from scribbling horrendous gibberish on the walls of all modern cities and even small towns, in fact there probably isn’t a city in the word not tagged by some little mongrel, but in the world of WordPress, tags are a good thing and I would like them back 🙂


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  • Note, I am able to add tags when I do a quick edit. it is only when I do a complete edit that the tags fail to post.

    Does the issue go away if you deactivate all active plugins? If so, try reactivating all plugins one by one until the problem comes back.

    Yes, It ended up being this plugin.

    Comprehensive Google Map Plugin
    Activate | Edit | Delete

    A simple and intuitive, yet elegant and fully documented Google map plugin that installs as a widget and a short code. The plugin is packed with useful features. Widget and shortcode enabled. Offers extensive configuration options for markers, over 250 custom marker icons, marker Geo mashup, controls, size, KML files, location by latitude/longitude, location by address, info window, directions, traffic/bike lanes and more.
    Version 9.0.20 | By Alex Zagniotov | View details

    I guess i am going to have to notify them, though I can’t imagine why it would impact TAGS.

    Thanks, BTW, I would of never thought to turn them all off and test!

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