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    Issues with Twenty Seventeen theme after update to WordPress 4.9.7

    I suspect an issue with Chrome, some of the featured images don’t show in headers.

    Issue started today after update.

    Works fine with Safari

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Arthur



    Only the primary image is correct on Chrome.


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    Hello Arthur,

    I checked your site https://free.will.exposed/ in Chrome and it has the identical error to what I am experiencing.

    I checked your site in Safari and it works perfectly, (as so does mine in Safari)

    My site also works on an older version of Chrome, which I used at a School I visited today, so that puzzles me, because now I am not sure if it’s Chrome or WordPress.

    These are the versions I am using

      Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)
      WordPress 4.9.7
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    Try to add this style to your .panel-image class:

    transform: translateY(0);

    This did the trick for others having the same problem one or two weeks ago.





    Added this to my CSS and works perfectly…

    /* fix for Chrome images */
    .panel-image {transform: translateY(0);
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    OK, I will try it.

    I wonder if I should wait until Chrome updates and fix the problem? And if I add the CSS do I need to remove it again once chrome updates for fixes the problem?

    (I generally prefer to leave things vanilla)

    btw – I found this thread on the Forum … which describes the problem quite well.




    I also like to have the least amount of tweaks, but the look of my site is top priority. Since this bug is live for almost a month…

    I don’t think you need to remove it after a Chrome fix, since it apparently doesn’t break anything else, but I’ll do it anyway.



    Actually, The fix posted above does work in chrome, but kills the parallax scroll in firefox and ie –
    The final solution was to add a class for the browser type with the global booleans and body_class filter (child them function), then add the CSS above using the selector .chrome .panel-image

    //add browser class to body class 
    function browser_body_classes($classes) {
       global $is_iphone, $is_chrome, $is_safari, $is_NS4, $is_opera, $is_macIE, $is_winIE, $is_gecko, $is_lynx, $is_IE, $is_edge;
    if  ($is_iphone) $classes[] = 'iphone-safari';
    	elseif  ($is_chrome)  $classes[] = 'chrome';
    	elseif  ($is_safari)  $classes[] = 'safari';
    	elseif  ($is_NS4)  $classes[] = '	netscape4';
    	elseif  ($is_opera)  $classes[] = 'opera';
    	elseif  ($is_macIE)  $classes[] = 'mac-ie';
    	elseif  ($is_winIE)  $classes[] = 'win-ie';
    	elseif  ($is_gecko)  $classes[] = 'firefox';
    	elseif  ($is_lynx)  $classes[] = 'lynx';
    	elseif  ($is_IE)  $classes[] = 'ie';
    	elseif  ($is_edge)  $classes[] = 'ms-edge';
    	else 	$classes[] = 'unk-browsr';			
    return $classes;



    Excuse me katdidit, where do I have to put the code you have written exactly? Thanks!

    The best place is in the [functions.php] from a child theme. Otherwise it might get overwritten with an update.

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