• I was using this plugin and loving it until I recently updated my site to WordPress 4.7 and now things are not working as expected. I know it isn’t supported for 4.7 yet, so mostly I’m just wondering if anyone is having similar issues and if there is or will be a solution in the future.

    The main issue I am having is when I go to create a new post (custom post type) that is using a CPT-onomy, there are already taxonomies checked (I’m using the checkbox format so you can select multiple taxonomies for each post). Even if I deselect the taxonomies and save the post, they still remain checked. It’s not all of them either, only the top 6-7.

    I know this could be a conflict with my theme, however I did switch to the 2016 theme and deactivate all my plugins except this one and Advanced Custom Fields and it is still happening…

    If anybody has any ideas of how to resolve or is having similar issues, please let me know. Thanks!

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  • Hi Ashley,

    EDIT: After more fiddling what I posted in terms of code doesn’t actually work.

    I’m also having this issue in 4.7. What seems to be happening is that wp-admin is erroneously setting the array of selected CPT-Onomies via the $selected_cats variable.

    I did some tests (plain vanilla WP install, checked the database after saving a post) and: CPT-Onomies are correctly attaching to the post (even though it doesn’t look like it in the meta box).

    After some digging I found that ~/wp-content/plugins/cpt-onomies/admin.php appears causing this, specifically the $selected_cats variable (~ Line 1370). For me, when I look what is actually contained in that variable, I see an array that is the size of all of my CPT-onomies with the same ID repeated>

    I will loop back here if I find anything else.

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    OK, so…fiddled more.

    After removing the taxnomies that I set (attached to the Custom Post type which was acting as my CPT-onomy) the select list worked again.

    So, what I did was add my custom taxonomy support via hook to the custom post type which was set as my CPT-onomy and things are working again:

    function add_categories_to_cpt(){
        register_taxonomy_for_object_type('category', 'post_type_name');

    Nevermind, that didn’t work either :/

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    For me, the issue appears to be related to trying to load the posts using WP_Query. I run out of memory every time it tries to load the list of posts. Perhaps it has something to do with the query or the data structure?

    My original support post:

    Same issue, can’t launch my site…. 🙁

    By the moment we’ll get the fix, maybe it would be useful to add a global checkbox to select/unselect all taxonomies, so unwanted taxonomies could be deactivated before saving wanted ones.

    Here’s a solution to the thing about too many taxonomies getting checked: https://github.com/bamadesigner/cpt-onomies/pull/19

    There may be other bug fixes to find in the other pull requests: https://github.com/bamadesigner/cpt-onomies/pulls

    Great @dkristoffersson! It works except for the Most Used tab (minor bug anyway).



    Anyone heard any more about when this issue is likely to get fixed? I noticed that the correct taxonomy terms are selected on the front end provided that every time you update the post you remember to uncheck the ones you don’t want, but that’s hardly ideal…

    Same problem here :S

    @mikechiv @robsat91 did you try @dkristoffersson’s solution? It did work to me.

    It did work, but i would really like to use a unmodified version of the plugin.

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