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    Hi friends i just install the new WP 8, and the new backed design is not good, not usable, bad colors and fonts. All panels are not good feel and look, not scanable interface. Admin menu has no separators our clients are very confused.

    Is there a way to restore old WP design from WP 7, is there a plugin?

    Thanks a lot.

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  • All WP system messages (red, yellow and green) now look like a input fields, they don’t have a background they have only 4px border. Are you crazy, its a maddens?

    All posts table headers and footers look like just a row… What “modern” is this?

    All meta boxes look like textarea, why?

    Agreed. This is supposed to be a step forward? Somebody forgot that the admin area is a tool, not a playground. The interface has lost much definition to delineate the disparate functional areas. There was an incredible amount of ‘polish’ to the wordpress backed. This made using it a pleasure for even novice users. This update will certainly be a challenge for my clients. Additionally, forcing responsive design is a poor decision at best. Hopefully, somebody will figure out a way to ‘theme’ this back to normal very soon.

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    Why do you have to insult them?

    Insult or criticism – Andrew Nevins?

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    Are you crazy, its a maddens?

    Visual Design Basics

    Somebody forgot that the admin area is a tool, not a playground.



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    Those links were pretty insulting…

    Personally, I hate this new flat UI that everyone is using. I want the old admin theme back.

    Agreed. This is supposed to be a step forward? Somebody forgot that the admin area is a tool, not a playground.

    Holy mackerel. I just do not get this often repeated sentiment that “our clients are very confused”. Frankly – and this is just my own opinion, mind you – it really sucks for anyone who has ever had the actual pleasure of mollycoddling more than just one client who absolutely insists that WordPress “should be” aesthetically pleasing, 100% compatible, and “just work” right out of the box, on every God-forsaken, two-dollar mobile phone and dollar store tablet under the sun.

    WordPress 3.8 administration is a HUGE step forward. My own thoughts are: You can either evolve, or you can dissolve. Well, you could also just wait a few days for those in the community who want to modify things to their own liking (it’s a beautiful thing, all you wonderful, code monkey, file hacking, insomnia-fueled, sons-a-snitches… I love you all; wipes tear from eye) to produce some plugins for those who want to tweak whatever it is that doesn’t seem to appeal to the masses.

    ..pulls bicycle helmet down tight and kicks soapbox into the crowd

    No, but really.. I gotta’ believe there’s going to be some talented folks that will contribute a plugin or two if demand is high enough. There always is. 🙂

    I DESPISE this new admin theme. What is wrong with people!

    So has anyone noticed what has happened in the last year or so? Microsoft comes out with a horrible new design and incorporates it into Windows 8. Windows 8 becomes the most despised version of Windows ever – largely because of the hideously ugly design.

    So – seeing the huge flop of Windows 8 everybody and their brother decides to COPY the Windows 8 design. Flat, outlandishly stark and harsh color schemes. It’s like designers decided the huge success of Windows 8 deserved emulating!

    But everybody HATES Windows 8 – and especially so because of its ugly design! So why in the world are so many software companies copying it!



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    THANK YOU esmi!!

    I’m sorry but I have to agree that the new interface looks dreadful – to me, (I think it’s the choice of font that kills it for me, it’s just too fussy and ‘too big’) but I understand that that’s personal preference.

    The one thing that I feel could warrant serious criticism is why, oh why oh why, have the grouping separators in the left admin column disappeared? The left column is now just one HUGE list of options which scare the uninitiated and make it harder to find the entry you’re looking for even if you use it on a daily basis. Now THAT breaks absolutely fundamental rules of UI design! Hopefully they might creep back in at some point 🙂

    And why, when you select a different colour scheme within your profile does the admin bar across the top of the screen switch ‘back to black’ when you switch to viewing the live site. Surely it should just match the colour of the exact same bar when you’re in the admin view? That flopping from one colour to another is just plain ugly.

    Hopefully these are just oversights and will be fixed in 3.8.1

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    Hi websanity, there are some solutions you can do to tackle these issues and you can create a thread in the How-To and Troubleshooting forum for support with them

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