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    This is a fresh, brand new installation of WordPress using 3.7.1 and Youtube URL’s fail to be embedded.

    More specifically, the first video fails to be embedded.

    I have four video URL’s. The first URL never gets embedded. If I move it to the second position, it works. I’ve rotated all four urls so that they each had a try in the first slot. Whenever they are in the first slot, they show up as text.

    Before responding:
    – There is nothing wrong with the URL’s. They work just fine if they are not the first one on the page.
    – No plugins are activated.
    – There is no white space in front or after each URL.
    – Whichever URL is first, does not work.

    Here is the Post’s code.

    This is the fist post.

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  • mrbinky3000


    Well. I solved my own problem. My server was running too slow. I guess the feature that parses URL’s was timing out. I installed the APC PHP Accelerator on my server, which DRAMATICALLY cut down on the execution time for PHP scripts.

    Suddenly, the URL’s were parsed.

    WordPress, you might want to update the code to detect server time-outs when parsing URL’s.

    Hope this helps others.



    Darn it! I’ve spent hours debugging the same problem, but in my case sometimes the link parsed correctly. First I thought it was a plugin problem but seems wierd since it was working on localhost with the same configuration. Going to check my hosting now. Thanks!

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