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  • Has anyone had issues with the latest u/g of WP where they lose images from all over their sites?

    I have lost a lot of images from my media library, the entry no longer shows the image. Its like the image gets deleted, but the entry stays behind.

    Also, I use a couple of banner plugins, all been working fine, and now they have ALL stopped working after the u/g. Some of the images again have disappeared, but the entries remain. These plugins are WP Bannerize, Bannerize and MAx Banner Ads. None of these now work.

    Any feedback and help here would be great!!

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  • A link to your site would be relevant. Have you checked file permissions?

    Have you gone through the troubleshooting steps here:

    I have 10 sites which have been affected. All you’ll see is a simple site, where it used to be full of images!

    Im not getting any error messages on them and I dont know how to change the file permissions.

    I do have access to a file manager thru GoDaddy but it doesnt seem to let me change the permissions. Any ideas?

    Have you tried deactivating ALL plugins and switching to a default theme?

    Have you asked GoDaddy about this?

    I have just found it in GD and all seems to be set correctly. To be honest I did not understand the codex page, but all files are read/write/exec to me.
    GD very unhelpful we WP installs – theyre ours!
    I have tried disabling all plugins : no difference
    I will try a diff theme, but Id be surprised as these are from Woo who are extremely good.

    It seems to be only related to images and things that use images, e.g. plugins, images in posts, images in the library etc



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    as these are from Woo who are extremely good.

    Please test using the default 2013 theme with all plugins deactivated.

    OK, have tried that no difference
    All the images are the same in the library – half unavailable
    no widget area on the 20-13 so cant try out Bannerize



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    Can you post a link to a publically accessible page that includes one of these “missing” images? Preferably whilst the site is still using the 2013 theme with no active plugins?

    I see a bunch of images on your site…

    There are some images here, but not as many as there should be as they have gone from the library.

    The site usually has a sidebar with rotating banners all down it. They have ALL gone as the banner plugins have stopped functioning and many of the images have gone anyway.

    As I said earlier, its whats not there thats the issue

    Are these images no longer in the media library at all? If so, have you checked if you are out of space? Have you asked GoDaddy about this?

    They still have an ‘entry’ but the image is not there. It doesnt show up in the main view, or in the edit screen, so they are not there. My account is very low usage on storage.

    I cant put a picture here, sorry.



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    have you checked if you are out of space?

    Yes, very low usage on my sites, I am at about 5% usage on my hosting account.

    Has anyone else heard of things like this? I have seen other threads concerning images & the latest update, but not that seems to relate to my own situation.

    Im not sure how to move forwards with all of this. Its bee a week and my sites are basically non-effective at the moment.



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    Have you checked – using FTP – that the relevant images files are actually still in wp-content/uploads?

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