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  • Just installed the plugin and it works fine with standard settings. The email is sent.

    Just now, I deactivated and deleted the plugin and reinstall the Contact Form 7 ver 3.5.3 with WordPress 3.7.1 and it works fine with default settings.

    If yours doesn’t work, try deleting the plugin and reinstall it. And don’t use custom HTML codes in the contact form and it should work.

    I deactivated the plugin and reinstalled. It works but doesn’t let you know the mail has been sent and keeps on spinning.

    Tried with file upload. Did NOT work.

    And CAPTCHA is missing

    Didn’t work for me too.

    Although the site from the developer asks not to send support requests via their contact form, I just asked for a response on our support reguests over here. This is my message:


    I like the CF7 plugin a lot, but it appears incompatible with WP 3.7.1. On the forum, many threads are asking for support. Can you please notify us on the forum, if you are working on it or what a workaround would be?


    It’s not working here either – and to make it worse the CF7 continues to the OK page so my clients think they mailed me. Except no mail is being send.

    Does anybody know if CF7 saves the mails somewhere? I looked through the entire SQL database but nothing there.

    (WP 3.7.1 + latest CF7)

    I manage too many sites to wait around on this. I surveyed the other contact plugins and didn’t like any of them as well as CF7.

    The one I disliked the least and am currently implementing is the BestWebSoft Contact Form and Captcha.

    The thing I dislike about all of the replacements is the inability to edit the email output. For some reason, all the developers think it’s a good idea to reprint the header stuff in the body of the email!

    The above Captcha is very nice; it’s a simple arithmetic problem. I liked another contact plugin better, but it uses the hideous Google reCaptcha.



    Having the same issue.

    The arrows just spin after submitting.
    Disabling all other plugins didn’t work.
    Reinstalling the plugin didn’t work.

    This really sucks.



    Just installed a WP SMTP plugin, conigured it and sent a test email fine.

    Contact submissions still don’t work.



    Rolled back to WP 3.6.1 – still doesn’t work.

    I’m rolled back to WP 3.6.1 and CF7 3.5.1 – that works.


    Just wanted to chime in that we just released a contact form plugin that works perfectly with 3.7.1. It also has analytics and a lead database built into it. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to check out

    We strive to be the best contact form plugin on WordPress so please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions to make it better and we will get to work on it immediately.

    Ryan, I was considering a roll-back too, but don’t know how.

    Can you explain how to roll-back to 3.6.1?



    Download 3.6.1 from the WP release archive.
    Upload it to your site.
    Create two new folders, 361 and 371.
    Extract 3.6.1 to the 361 folder.
    Move the root files, wp-admin and wp-includes from the live site to the 371 folder.
    Move the root files, wp-admin and wp-includes from the 361 folder to the live site.
    Refresh the page, should load.
    Go to /wp-admin/ and “upgrade” the database.

    Probably dependent on a million factors.

    CF7 is a never ending source of frustration.

    Really? I’ve used it on countless sites and am currently using it on about 7 sites (all WordPress 3.7.1) without the slightest hint of a problem. On at least 2 sites, I’ve been using it for years through multiple WordPress upgrades & it’s always worked perfectly. It’s also very well maintained with an excellent record of compatibility with the current version of WordPress.

    Downgrading WordPress is NOT a valid solution and is, in fact, a pretty daft thing to do. Were you aware that a 3.6.1 site is running a very real risk of being hacked?

    Where people do encounter issues, they are invariably site, server and/or user specific. However, given the sheer number of people attempting to post in this topic, it is no longer possible to see if there are any common issues here.

    I suggest you all post your own topics if you want to receive effective help. Given the current state of this topic, I am now closing it.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)
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