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  • Same trouble after updating to 3.6. Tried to downgrade AiOEC, but still same. Please help.

    Problem solved by deleting the plug-in, downloading the zip file from the plugin site to my computer then uploading it to the site via install plugins.

    There seems to be an issue with Block UI misinterpreting that the new version of JQuery in wordpress3.6+ being V1.10.2 and the newest version of the all-in-one-calendar generated via a plugin update which looks for JQuery V1.2.3. The problem described here: seems to be in the naming convention of the versions…
    I have the same issue with a fresh local install of WordPress and the plugin as found here. If you ignore the prompt to upgrade the plugin everything is fine.Meaning that if you stay with just the version “as is” from the download everything will be OK.
    From my understanding there is nothing we can do until the plugin author corrects the JQuery call.

    … an additional note, it appears that the “update” message has been changed since I have just “backdated” the plugin a second time and did not get the prompt in the plugin manager that an update was available … be help may indeed be on the way

    I have the same problem

    I tried replacing the jquery.blockUI.js file in folder wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/app/view/admin/js/ with the new one but that didn’t solve the issue.

    if you overwrite the entire plugin folder with the “non-updated” version you should be fine … this was my experience

    Eu resolvi!

    Primeiro eu desativei o plugin All In One Event Callendar, depois eu exclui o plugin completamente.

    Em seguida eu instalei ele automaticamente, pela área administrativa, e ativei ele.

    Então eu fiz o Update Settings normalmente, até todos aqueles avisos amarelos sumirem da página.

    Após isso, é preciso clicar em UPDATE TO STANDART VERSION, que é gratuito, esse botão fica ao lado direito da página.

    All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely 1.9.1-standard, funciona perfeitamente.

    This is an English translation of GuTheR’s post above:

    First I disabled the plugin All In One Event Callendar, then I delete the plugin completely.

    Then I installed it automatically, the administrative area, and activated it.

    So I did the Update Settings usually up all those warnings disappear yellow page.

    After this, you must click on UPDATE TO STANDARD VERSION, which is free, this button is on the right side of the page.

    All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely 1.9.1-standard, works perfectly.

    I also updated to the “Standard Version” to address the BlockUI error. The error no longer appears, however the link to our Google Calendar events is now broken.

    I deleted the Google Calendar feed link and put it back in place, refreshed it (“imported 193 events”) but it’s only showing one event.


    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    I’ve done all that and it kills my site. I had to delete the folder via FTP to make it work. And then I tried again but the sam thing. After upgrading to standard version, my site doesn’t work at all.

    And damn, now I have to search for another plugin…

    Everything I’ve done with this plugin takes time to resolve. When I uninstalled the plugin I received a long error and couldn’t log back into the Admin area for about 15 minutes. But after that things went back to normal. The front-end was never affected, just problems with the Admin.

    It’s been hours now and it’s still not linking to our Google Calendar. To be fair though I installed a different plugin, “Google Calendar Events” and it’s not linking to it either, so there may be something else at play.

    The thing is, prior to upgrading to WP 3.6 everything was fine.

    In my case, front-end was also affected. The whole site was down.

    Bummer. Looks like this one is no longer ready for prime time.

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