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  • Interesting oddity when I upgraded to 3.6 this morning. A plugin I wrote uses the get_users() function to fetch users that are assigned to one of the roles in a given list. It had been working fine right up until the upgrade.

    I finally tracked the problem down to the “fields” parameter of the get_users() function. For some reason, when I was using that parameter, an empty result set was returned. Take it out, and it works just fine.

    Code snippet is below for reference. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if something changed about the way one is supposed to use the get_users() function.

    $meta_query = array('relation' => 'OR');
    foreach($add_roles as $role) {
    	$meta_query[] = array(
    				'key' => $table_prefix.'capabilities',
    				'value' => $role,
    				'compare' => 'like'
    //get all eligible users
    $args = array(
    		'meta_query' => $meta_query,
    		'orderby' => 'display_name',
    		'order' => 'ASC',
    		'fields' => array('ID, display_name'),
    $users = get_users($args);
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