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    We are wordpress themes developers and just found a bug, at least we think so!

    The problem started after updating wp to 3.6.

    The problem is there that now in our management panel, where we use tabs, now after option save, we got redirected to the first tab, but it should redirect to the tab in that we made some changes.

    We made a blank page to test it and it also doesnt work with wp 3.6.
    But if we don’t use wp_enqueue_script() funtions to enqueue the scripts, but enqueue them manually like:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    Everything is working just fine.

    Here is a small sample as you can see it works, just press on some tab, reload the page and you will get the same tab opened, but if you use wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’); and wp_enqueue_script() function to enqueue other scripts it won’t work.

    It just ignores this part

    jQuery(function() {
    		jQuery( "#tabs" ).tabs({
    			select: function(event, ui) {
    			cookie: {
    				expires: 1

    Is that possible that it is a wp bug? Or do we miss something? Because on previous versions everything works just fine.


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