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  • Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    Thank you for the report.

    It looks like there were even more changes to jQuery & jQueryUI in WordPress 3.5 than I found initially when I was testing with it.

    I’m getting ready to release a new version of the plugin that adds some new features & appears to fix any issues I encountered in 3.5. I just need to test it on 3.4.2 to make sure it works there.

    I’ll let you know when I release the new version so you can test it and let me know if it corrects the issue you noticed. Thanks.

    I am having the same problem – the widget stays expanded and ugly. I had this problem with a previous WP update as well. And I just updated it with your new update. Deleted cache and no change.
    I am using Thesis.
    My site:

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    I assume you’re using WordPress 3.5, right?

    Did you update Collapsible Widgets to version 0.4, yet?

    If so, did you go to Appearance -> Widgets and re-save the “Collapsible Widget” in your sidebar? Unfortunately, since I added support for multiple collapsible widget areas in 0.4, it requires you to re-save the widget before it will work properly again.

    If that doesn’t work, can you try switching to TwentyEleven temporarily to see if the plugin works on that theme? Thank you.

    Hi Curtiss –
    Thanks for the response. Yes, I have version 0.4. I updated it before I wrote my msg above. I also have WP 3.5.
    I went to widgets and re-saved. (you just mean to to sidebar and click on the widget and hit save again?)
    I cleared cache and still it is not fixed. I checked in FIrefox and Chrome and its the same.

    I use the Thesis theme. If i switch to “Twenty Twelve” (twenty eleven is the old one and gone), I can switch back to Thesis w/ no issue? I get nervous abt switching.


    I’m using WordPress 3.5, Headway 3.4.3 theme and Collapsible Widgets 0.4.
    My site is
    I’ve built a collapsible widget showing the links to all of our facebook pages. But it won’t open fully.
    I need it to open all the way, or at least give me a scroll bar.
    Please help!

    Dawn Ogden,
    Creative Services Director, FFTV-18
    Hometown Media

    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    @llworldtour – It looks like things are fixed for you, now. Is that correct?

    @dawn Ogden – Looking at your site, it looks as though the sidebar isn’t really a sidebar, it’s actually five separate sidebars. That may be what’s causing the issue. I can’t say for sure without being able to see it with the collapsible widget area in place.

    No, not fixed. I posted my issue 3 weeks ago…so while waiting, I had to deactivate 3 plug-ins (Nrelate, WP Socializer, & Global Flash) that collapsible widget seems to be in conflict with. Hoping there is an update soon to fix this? Or i might have to find a new collapsible type widget. thanks!

    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    @llworldtour – Ah, that gives me more info to go on.

    Did this plugin conflict with each of those plugins individually, or did you just deactivate them one-by-one until the Collapsible Widget plugin started to work again? If the latter, do you know which was the last plugin you deactivated?

    If WP Socializer is the plugin I’m thinking of, I’ve seen some serious issues with that plugin in the past (the JavaScript in that plugin seems to conflict with a lot of different plugins and themes).

    This weekend, I’ll try to grab WP Socializer, nrelate and Global Flash and see what I can figure out. In the meantime, can you please confirm that the three links I posted above are the plugins you’re referencing? Thanks.

    Hi Curtiss-
    Yep…those are the exact 3 plug-ins.
    I deactivated all my plug-ins and tediously re-activated one by one (deleting cache after each one).
    Collapsible works fine when all are deactivated and i was able to find that those 3 other plug -ins separately screw it up when they are actiavated (each one…not together).
    Hope that makes sense.
    Thanks so much for looking into this.
    Both NRelate and WP Socializer (not Global Flash) are also messing up my homepage Carousel Slider when active so I have asked support questions on their pages as well.
    Thank you!

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