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    New installation of 3.5.
    I uploaded a couple of photo-images. I can see them sitting in /wp-content/uploads/3013/01.
    In the library they show as red “X”s.
    I set one as a header and was expecting to crop it but it shows nothing, so unable to crop because nothing viable to crop. I set it as header without cropping and it shows on my site.

    So the question is what do I do so I can see the photos in my library/see them to crop them?

    I have already deleted and re-installed /wp-content and /wp-includes on my server (from a fresh download of WP3.5) to fix it, and that made no difference.

    Should I delete the whole installation and start again, or is there something in wp-admin that might be affecting it. No additional plug-ins are instaled this is just 3.5.

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  • Just to add that I have now deleted everything from the server, and done another fresh install in total, and still no display of thumbnails in media gallery.

    Done that twice.

    Just upgraded to 3.5.1 and still no fix. The images we are using are displaying fine on another WP.



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    Do the image urls appear to be correct? Have you checked, using FTP, that the image files are being uploaded and generated correctly in the uploads folder.

    Thank you for attending to this.

    Yes the URLs look fine.

    I have just deleted all the images and reloaded them (after checking using FTP that all were deleted). I can see each in the uploads directory:
    e.g for image “Misty.jpg” it is at wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Misty.jpg.

    Also all the different versions that WP has set for them, e.g wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Misty-150×150.jpg are sitting there too.

    In Media gallery for the above image it shows a URL of wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Misty.jpg – which is correct but no thumbnail is showing in the gallery.

    I am using IE8, but I have also the site on my macbook viewing on safari, so this is not a browser issue.

    Another thing – in Media Library, if I click on “View” – as in the choice for each image (Edit/Delete permanently/View) I don’t get a view of the image. Instead I am taken to a view of the main page of the site, yet the URL in the brower is now saying that I am at /?attachment-id=25

    That is a strange URL because I set the permalinks to Month and name, alhtough maybe that is a red herring, I just thought i would mention it.



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    Check that anti-hotlinking isn’t enabled in your hosting account. If it is, try disabling it.

    I asked about hotlinking and all my hosts had to say was this:

    “The issue with thumbnails not displaying correctly is usually down to WordPress not settings the permissions correctly on uploaded files. IF you view the files using an FTP client ensure that all of the pictures have permissions of 664 set.”

    Unfortunately the host’s repsonse came too late in the week for me to check and I have already deleted WordPress from their server and used something else for that site. So I have put this up in case it helps anyone else.
    Thank you Esmi for responding, I think that this was a problem server end so I will use WP for another site with another host.

    did you ever figure this out? trying to help someone with same problem…

    found this and it seems to work!

    thanks esmi for the idea about hotlinking protection…wouldn’t have known to look for it 🙂

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