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  • My first forum post in the history of the internet I’m so frustrated. After upgrading to WordPress 3.5, the “all new” Media uploader went from bad to nearly unusable (I only use uploader for photos). Here is the issues.

    My core problem:
    Images don’t fit. They’re either slightly too big so they cover up the menu item on the right side of the screen, or when you try to edit or move them they blow up to the full 18 megapixel image. reducing that size by 60% several times is unreasonable and changing the aspect ratio defeats the purpose of uploading a high quality image.

    Other details: Website is “” I use the default twenty eleven theme and have few plugins for stability reasons. Using Safari and Mac iOS.

    Here’s other issues incase developers take notice (but not imperative to my issue):
    1. Opening uploader only shows parts of the window. You must roll the curser over the screen to get other buttons to show up.
    2. Some JPG files now showing error when uploaded
    3. When upload freezes no way to stop the upload. Must exit uploader, save post, leave, reopen post, then you can try uploading again.
    4. Uploading seems slower. Inserting photo into post is about about 10x slower then previous uploader.

    Thank you for your help and support.

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  • I am also experiencing issue 3. So frustrating! Anyone know what the problem is? It’s a new issue for me so not sure what’s gone wrong.

    +1 on number 3, except that I can’t exit the uploader. Must force-quit the browser instead. (Firefox 18.0.1 on Mac OS 10.7.5 WP 3.5.1 Twenty Eleven Child theme)

    Also, has anyone discovered a way to see the media file names in the visual media grid? (I’m not seeing them on rollover — or at all.)

    The most recent WordPress update has addressed some of these issues with the media uploader. The most important, What I labeled “The core problem”, the image showing up way too large if you upload the full resolution image.

    If the image is still showing up too large in the post (the do still have the default set to original size), after uploading the file and before inserting into post change the image size to large instead of full resolution (Bottom right corner of the media uploader). It didn’t matter what you selected previously, the image would show in full resolution on your page regardless.

    Here are the work arounds i’ve found for the other issues;
    1. If you can’t see parts of the media uploader just highlight the whole screen like you would selecting all folders in a window on your desktop, and all the missing buttons and sections should show up (make sure to start in the far corner of the screen as the button are still there and can be clicked, just not seen)
    2. Jpeg errors; No issues after update.
    3. When uploader freezes… similar solution. Exit uploader, Save post (just save, no need to exit) and re-open uploader.
    4. Loading speeds; Much faster for me after update.

    Thanks to everyone who contributes to these forums as I would not have a site without the time and effort others dedicate to helping. Thanks!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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