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  • Ever since I upgraded to WordPress 3.5 my hosting provider, Media Temple, has been flagging my sites as using extensive CPU resources (GPU in MediaTemple’s marketing). The primary top page hits appear to be and

    Can anyone help or confirm:

    1) Have these features (/feed/ and wp-cron.php) been updated in 3.5

    2) Have you noticed a similar spike with your own shared hosting providers

    3) What troubleshooting steps you’d recommend. (E.g. I’ve uninstalled caching plugins and disabled wp-cron from running, any other recommendations?)

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    Deactivate all plugins and switch to twentytwelve for a minute; that may help break a php process that is running amuck.

    Hi there memesa, I concur with songdogtech, being notified for using extensive GPUs when using WordPress on (mt) Media Temple is usually the result of a plugin or theme running a faulty PHP process. Try disabling some plugins and see if you can isolate the problem. If you need any help on this, we’re on Twitter @mediatemple but we also have our amazing WordPress evangelist available to you: @mt_suzette.

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    My (dv)4.0 CPU load average is often higher than 400%. The apparent cause is a process run by a domain user (on a domain where I am running a WordPress blog). The domain user calls on a process that calls on the domain’s php.ini file, which open up a crap load of lib64 files for every process.

    My server memory and storage are not affected. It’s just CPU load.

    Any suggestions?

    Hey what’s up skepticwebguy, did you ever figure this out? I have just recently noticed that my site, which is pretty big, started to use a crap ton of cpu/memory usage. Hitting upwards of 1500% on my dvs through mediatemple and over 200% on memory. I have made some fixes myself to cut those in half but it had more to do with another cms I was hosting on the same server.

    This all started to happen after I changed to a new theme, I did notice that my wp-postmeta table in my db has hundreds of thousands of rows of data. I’ve done some digging and found that it’s possible that my previous theme created those rows. I have tried removing rows through various fixes people have posted online and that does nothing but crash my site entirely because my site needs that meta data to run.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue after a theme change?



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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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