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WordPress 3.5 – Full Post Type UI for Attachments

  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    A plugin user writes:

    I’ve been reading some snippets about WordPress 3.5 here and there, and one thing stood out on this link:

    Under “Media Improvements” it says: “Full Post Type UI for Attachments” – while it is unclear to me what implications this has, I would assume that attachments get their own taxonomy, since under “Development” there’s a note “Hide UI for attachment taxonomies if ‘show_ui’ is ‘false’ for that taxonomy”

    Do you have anymore insight on that, and maybe played with a beta version of WP 3.5?

    I’m just asking because I want to avoid spending too much time categorizing and tagging all the images in my media library (using your “att” taxonomy) in order to utilize the benefits of your MLA plugin on my site, only to find out in a month that I have to do it all again because WP then comes with its own solution to that problem… 🙂


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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    Great question, and the news is all good. Your investment in Att. Category and Att. Tag taxonomies will be preserved. The “Full Post Type UI” will use all taxonomies registered for the “attachment” post_type; no new or special-purpose taxonomies are required.

    I’ve been testing WordPress 3.5 and updating the Media Library Assistant to take advantage of the new features.

    With respect to “Full Post Type UI for Attachments”, what this means is that the “Edit Media” screen is upgraded to use the same (advanced-form-edit.php) code now used for posts, pages and custom post types. You will see improvements such as the TinyMCE editor for the Description and WordPress-standard meta boxes for other data fields. All of the taxonomies registered for Attachments appear in the right-hand column of the Edit Media screen.

    For the Media Library Assistant, I am retiring the “Edit Single Item” screen and replacing it with an enhanced “Edit Media” screen. If you use the MLA, you will see Custom Field support for Attachments and some additional data fields such as Parent Information. You will also see the Att. Category and Att. Tag taxonomies just as they appear in the current version.

    The MLA Quick Edit and Bulk Edit features will continue to work as they do now, since these features have not appeared in the WordPress Media Library screen.

    Thank you very much for that answer, David!

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