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  • Sifuluc


    I have attempted to manually Upgrade to WordPress 3.4 for my site.

    After the wp-admin, and wp-includes files are uploaded, I am prompted to Update my database. I have clicked on the button to update the information and I am sent to a blank screen.

    The database does not get updated and the only way I can bring the site back is by switching back to an older version. Is there any suggestions?

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  • s_ha_dum


    … wp-admin, and wp-includes…

    Those aren’t the only files. You are uploading everything, right?

    Does your server meet the requirements? You should get a warning if it doesn’t but it is best to check anyway.

    Do you have access to any log files?



    Please post your site URL.

    I’m stuck with the upgrade the database going in a loop after I’ve successfully autoupdated WordPress to 3.4. I’ve deactivated all plugins and the site works, but I can’t get into wp-admin without getting to the update button. And then it just stops with the WordPress logo.

    I’ve tried many solutions, but nothing.

    Have you tried a manual update over FTP?

    Will that work when I’ve already successfully updated?

    It will help to insure that WordPress is not missing any files, which can happen sometimes. You shouldn’t have to run the update again if it has already ran successfully.

    As always, back up your database before trying anything and be careful not to overwrite your theme or your wp-content/uploads directory.

    Hmm, nope, still get that database update button. Manually updated everything but the things I shouldn’t. Can it have something to do with the theme installed?

    I could have something to do with the theme or with plugins. Disable all of your plugins and switch themes.

    As I said, I have deactivated the plugins. But how do I switch themes when I can’t acces WP-admin?

    Login over FTP and rename the theme folder. WordPress should detect the change and reset itself to use the default theme… assuming you haven’t deleted that.

    Still don’t work. When I do that, the site doesn’t show up at all if I go to the regular frontpage. And the wp-admin stil wants me to update the database, and stalls. This is the site, btw: (norwegian language)

    What version of WordPress did you have before the update? Did you skip a lot of releases?

    No, I always update as soon as possible, so I’m pretty sure it was the latest before 3.4.

    I’m getting this error wp-admin/upgrade.php?_wp_http_referer=%2Fwp-admin%2F

    The plugins were already disable prior to the auto update and now I have no access to the admin panel. Any help please? Thanks

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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