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  • Hi 🙂

    I’ve recently updated to WordPress 3.4 and all of a sudden I don’t get email notifications when somebody posts a comment om my blog(s).

    I haven’t changed any settings – email address is still the same – and notifications aren’t showing up in my email’s spam folder either. I’ve also tried deactivating all plugins … doesn’t help.

    On one of my sites I’m not even using Akismet. On another site where I’m using Akismet all comments (even comments from my friends who has commented before) are all of a sudden marked as spam!

    Any thoughts on this?

    I’ve never had this problem before. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with 3.4.

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  • I’ve got this issue as well. And I’ve tried deactivating all plugins, and reinstalling WordPress without it being resolved.

    Maybe related:

    I’m also experiencing this problem.

    This fixes the problem:

    The case is, that my webhost run safemode on and a php version before 5.3.0 I guess. But when changing the two lines here: the problem is fixed. I gather a lot of other users will experience this until they upgrade to WordPress 3.4.1 if they also run safemode on and an earlier php version.

    I confirm the fix work fine, thank’s.

    Can someone tell me how and where to install the patch described above. I am having the same problems with my email. Thank you.

    I would also like to know how to apply the patch. I assume you paste the code somewhere?

    I used this fix successfully

    It started on line 671 of my class-phpmailer.php.

    Hi guys, I have a similar issue, but it only affects comments left by ALREADY APPROVED AUTHORS.

    So say for instance a new comment is made by someone who has never left a comment, then I get an email to approve it.

    I have my settings to then let those with one approved comment, post more comments and they won’t need moderating.

    When someone then goes onto to leave another comment I DON’T get the notification.

    I have the box ticked to email me whenever anyone leaves a comment, as well as when a comment needs moderating.

    Only happened since WP 3.4.

    I don’t have Safe Mode on and all other emails that are sent using PHP Mailer seem just fine.

    Any ideas?

    Hahaha, I think this was actually me getting mixed up.

    The blog post that I wasn’t receiving notifications on wasn’t written by me as the admin.

    It was actually submitted by another member of my site. THEY have been receiving the notifications instead of me as the admin.

    I only receive mail for the comments that need approval.

    Is this the desired behaviour?

    Shouldn’t admins get notifications of ALL comments?

    Please be sure to disable WP-Mail-SMTP Version 0.9.1 !

    Indeed Contactform 7 (and mail) works with the patch, although some email addresses won’t be received while the message is green and says “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.” Something like ( < mailserver running on Google Apps.
    If the address is changed to it suddenly works.

    For people who are new to code editing, please get TextWrangler (or something like dreamweaver) and search for line 763 & 769. Replace the red lines with the green part of (always first BACKUP!)

    I am also having the problem of not getting a comment notification. I have recently moved the blog from one web host to another.

    I have run php_info and safe mode is off.

    Anyone else encounter this problem and find a solution??

    I just tried making the edited listed in the patch, and it didn’t fix it for me. I was getting notifications just fine, and then they stopped coming several days ago.

    I am having the same issue. Had no idea people were commenting on my post today. Last comment I received was on 10/12/12. So frustrating! Help, please!

    I have multiple authors, no one- not even me the admin gets a notification if a comment is left. I’m going crazy, and no one has been able to suggest a fix. I am up to date running wp 3.4.2, and have tried various plug ins as well.

    I am using Disqus, so I get notifications for my posts.
    Recently I added a new author (as contributor) and he told he didn’t receive notifications.
    Previously, other authors did not have this problem and I was already using Disqus. Does the patch also apply to my case?

    I am using Contact 7 ver 3.3.2 now the email response function does not work. HELP I am losing business! and

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