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    I’ve been unable to get the TinyMCE Advanced plug in 3.4.5 to work with WordPress 3.3.1. In the visual editor, I can see the first two rows of standard tinymce buttons, but I’m missing the third and fourth rows of advanced buttons.

    Is it still the consensus of the community that the problem is network or browser caching problems or conflicting plugins or javascript concatenation or the particular browser being used?

    The following experiment should be easy for others to reproduce, and makes me think these are not the problems, although I admit the possibility of discrepancy between my actions that this report. On a laptop running Windows 7 and Apache 2.2.21 (Win32) and PHP 5.3.5

    1. From scratch, I built a fresh mysql database test with user testuser and password testuser, and I did a fresh installation of WordPress 3.3.1 into a fresh directory http://localhost/wordpress.
    2. I deleted all plug ins (to eliminate conflicting plug in issues)
    3. I installed and activated plug in tinymce advanced 3.4.5.
    4. I clicked on “+ new” and clicked on “kitchen sink” in the visual editor.
    5. I saw the two rows of standard tinymce buttons and did not see the two rows of advanced buttons.
    6. I rebooted the laptop and turned off wireless networking (to remove the issue of network caches).
    7. For Firefox 9, Internet Explorer 8, and Safari 5.1.2, I cleared all caches (history, cookies, cache, downloads, etc, to remove the issue of local caches), restarted the browser, logged in, and clicked on “+ new”, and the advanced tinymce buttons did not appear even after a refresh of the page.
    8. Changing the theme from default 2011 to 2010 gives the same results for Step 7.

    Concerning define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS',false) mentioned many places, I added this as the first define in wp-config.php, and repeated Step 7 for all three browsers with the same result.

    Concerning browser caches, network caches, proxies, different computer, different browsers, different service providers mentioned here and many other places, I think the experiment above rules out these issues (the problem exists with a local installation on my laptop and a remote installation on my host provider ICDSoft).

    Concerning editor-style.css mentioned here, I can see content_css:"http://[your site]/themes/twentyeleven/editor-style.css in the html source, and I can see in the Apache log that it is being served up successfully with a 200 return code.

    Concerning the issue with en.js and wp-langs-en.js mentioned here I copied wp-langs.en.js to en.js in the directories mentioned with no effect. Most sigificant, I can see in the access logs that requests for wp-langs-en.js are successful with a 200 return code, and there are no requests in the log for en.js.

    Concerning the request to check the console for JS errors mentioned here I could use some help here. FireBug does not appear to be available for Firefox 9, and pressing F12 in IE and reloading the page the Script->Console panel is blank. I see no js-related error messages in the Apache error log.

    Concerning the missing sprites mentioned here I can load the file http://localhost/wordpress/wp-includes/js/tinymce/themes/advanced/img/icons.gif.

    I think I’ve read through all the discussion on the tinymce advance forum here.

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  • Solution :
    Step 1 : Change the theme
    Step 2 : Clear the cache
    Step 3 : Go to your editor
    Step 4 : Change to ‘HTML’
    Step 5 : Change to ” Visual Editor’
    Step 6 : Now you can find the Visual Editor Options
    Step 7 : Change to your original theme

    If Problem Persists, Add ‘ WP-Super Edit / Use Google Library ‘ Plugins, then check it. 🙂

    Thanks. You must be referring to the final sentence of the installation instructions that reads, Set your preferences at “Settings -> TinyMCE Advanced” or “Manage -> TinyMCE Advanced” for WordPress 2.6 and older. Your response is the most polite “read the manual” response I’ve ever received. 🙂 Thanks.


    i’m having the same problem you described, but i’m having trouble following the steps you tried to fix it.

    were you able to solve the problem and if so, can you please explain again what eventually solved the issue for you?

    Thanks very much!

    What I had missed (forgotten) was that the installation of the TinyMCE Advanced plugin adds a configuration page to the dashboard. Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> TinyMCE Advanced. There I have the ability to drag and drop the new editing buttons I want into the rows of editing buttons in the visual editor. I saved that, and the buttons now appear in the visual editor. I had thought they would appear in the visual editor by default after installation. I had forgotten that I have to choose the buttons I want.



    Peace, all.
    Anas’s “solution” worked for me. Thanks!
    But then again, this is obviously a bug, and I’d rather get to the root cause…

    You can add your styles in the default tinymce css.

    The file that uses for the default classes that you see in the editor are in the content.css file in:

    Not the best sollution but it works.

    Yea this doesnt work. I tried anas steps too…


    I just installed – uninstalled + deleted cache twice and it worked

    Anas’s “solution” worked and for me. Great respect!

    Hi , I want to you the TinyMCE plugin in WordPress Forum server , so that the users in the forum can make some amendments in their Post is it possible.

    Awaiting your reply

    It’s a nice plugin but if you use more then 2 rows it doesn’t show and the text area is broken.

    Actually it breaks with any of the following checked…

    Advanced image
    Advanced link

    I have tried everything here, twice.
    I can’t see the visual editor and the HTML editor on the top right of the text/content box in a page on the MacBook Pro 10.6, or the iMac 10.6. However, on the MacBook Air, running Lion 10.7, I can. I have reinstalled, installed, activated, reset cache, etc., nothing works on the 10.6 Mac.

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    Have you tried installing different browser on the 10.6?

    similar problem – I tried the fixes and got the tiny mce to dislpy in the visual editor. when i add linebreaks they display on the website. strangely the system creates paragrphes in the html view but they have no effect.

    any idea what else i could do?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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