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  • Yes I’ve read all the other threads yes I’ve tried all the solutions (restarting, clearing cache, uploading new admin and includes, changing the language file to en.js and of course switching off plugins) and no, none of the above worked even with a fresh hosting account new install with all the above completed.

    I have the same issue on sites that are upgraded to 3.3.1 or sites that are fresh installs of 3.3.1 so I doubt it is an upgrading issue.

    What is even more intriguing though is that this is only happening on my iMac in Safari, Firefox and Chrome, Opera gets a little closer and displays all the visual editor buttons and the text content to be added as white on white. Now if I visit the same sites on my MacBook Pro everything is working, switch to the server and again they are working, ie8 on a windows 7 computer is also displaying the visual editor and I can even get it in Opera on my Android Phone.

    So I have come to the conclusion that it has something during installation that effects the computer the installation is being carried out on. It doesn’t just effect the web browser it as it effects all the others on that machine.

    Thankfully I can work round this and have a vague confidence that the client will get to see the admin as it should be with a visual editor.

    But my question is what can I do to clear this, to make the visual editor display correctly on the machine where the site was initially installed, if I only had one computer I would be in real trouble right now.

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    1. Empty your browser cache
    2. Close your browser then re-open it.
    3. Try a different machine

    This is a known jQuery issue with WordPress 3.3 & some browsers (and possibly some servers too). If you continue to have problems despite carrying out all of these steps, try installing & activating to force a true browser flush.

    1. Already done it
    2. that too
    3. Have listed the machines it only effects the one where the site was loaded.

    This final fix seems to resolve the problem in Opera but Safari (used for the install), Chrome and Firefox still not working. An interesting problem, I could understand it effecting the browser that was used to install or update the site but not the others on the same machine.

    I will report what happens when the computer is restarted as this may have an overall clearing effect.



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    it only effects the one where the site was loaded.

    As I said, it’s a browser issue. Some browsers are caching jQuery despite every attempt at flushing. The browser used to install WP does not seem to be a factor.

    OK thanks for confirming what I thought it seemed to be, happy nope I have one browser working on this machine.

    I have been through all of the above and still am not able to access the visual editor in the following browsers:
    Firefox 9.0.1
    Google Chrome 16.0.912.77
    Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421
    Safari 5.1.2

    I have checked on a Windows 7 machine and a MacBook Pro, both don’t display the visual editor.
    I have followed ALL of the above and have even rebooted the router but nothing is working. Surely there must be a fix out there somewhere if this is such a known issue?!

    I’m having the same issue — no visual editor when using MacBook Pro (OS X 10.7.2). I have these browsers:
    Firefox 9.0.1
    Safari 5.1.2
    Chrome 16.0.912.77
    Camino 2.1

    I’ve tried:
    Flushing cache
    Resetting the browsers
    Installing that “use Google Library” plugin
    Switching over to Twenty Eleven theme

    None of these worked. I have NOT tried deactivating the plugins, because I have too many of them and I really don’t feel like messing with them (and messing my site).

    More importantly Visual Editor is working perfectly fine on the same site when I use Windows Vista, Windows 7 AND Android 3.0! So my guess is it has something to do with OS X?

    Not sure what exactly happened, but after updating to Lion 10.7.3 and Firefox 10, the visual editor is back!!!! And I haven’t done anything else…

    Visual editor is still not working on Safari or Chrome though…

    So if you’re using a Mac, definitely try updating to the latest version, and get the latest version of Firefox if you don’t have it already.

    over the last few days my site has developed problems which began with visual editor and related icons disapperaing and white screen as described above and now has spread to loss of functionality in other areas such as widget menus which I cannot open. I have tried a number of the solutions suggested but nothing works. I am scared to reinstall wordpress with a lower version because of customised plugins and security issues which my hosting provider warned me about. It is not clear if upgrade would really resolve my problem anyway. Has anyone found a better answer to this problem. I really need to find a fix for this as my website is dying before my eyes. Apologies but I am new to this world so do not know etiquette yet and it appears from growing number of reports on net that this is a real problem with 3.3.1



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    Please post a new topic.

    Do you guys have any news? Have you been able to resolve your issues and if so how? I’m experiencing the same problems and none of the here mentioned suggestions have helped. I even have no control over the visual editor or it types in white after I completely redo the website. I upload a new WordPress 3.3.1 and use a new database, have no plugins or own themes and it still doesn’t work on different copmuters and browsers 🙁

    Sebaztian I think it is a javascript problem: Follow link to forum on this question

    Thanks daeeyba. I checked, but it didn’t fix it. I’m really surprised there is no particular single solution for a common issue that a lot of people experience with 3.3.1

    I’m having the same issue… this is insane! please someone help.. none of my clients can update their pages, and some homepages have got static when they used to have rotating sliders before! I have contacted my hosting on help with this and am still waiting… any updates would be helpful! all my sites are fresh new installs btw with new databases. I did this after a virus contaminated all the websites on my hosting account… so I am double dissapointed after all this hard work!

    I am having the same issues with Firefox, Safari & Chrome whereby they will not display the visual tab/editor. I am only having this problem on my Macbook Pro. I installed Opera for the first time on the Macbook Pro and all is good. My other machines, a Mac G5 & a PC running XP are all working fine. My question is: Are the people experiencing these problems all on Macs? If so, have any of you used Cocktail or CleanMyMac recently? I have a suspicion that somehow in the cleanup process the 2 programs could have removed files that are needed by the browsers. Since I am able to access my WordPress sites via other machines and browsers, the problem obviously isn’t with WordPress. Thoughts?


    I had the problem with my Macbook Pro, and the update to OSX 10.7.3 and the latest FireFox seemed to have fixed the problem. I still can’t see the Visual Editor when I’m using Safari, but since I can use FireFox without issues, I don’t really care about it not working in Safari.

    No, I have not used Cocktail or CleanMyMac. If you read my posts up there, you will see how it got fixed for me. I do still have the Google Library plugin active as well. And I am using my own theme (the default WP theme never did anything to fix the issue anyways)

    I too think it has something to do with the Mac version of the browsers. It’s probably something to do with how some WordPress codes don’t work well with Mac OS (browser) codes.

    Good luck!

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