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    I am experiencing problems with 3.3RC2 that appears to be related to JQuery rather than individual plugins.

    I have seen a similar problem with two plugins in RC2 that don’t appear in 3.2.1 and may have appeared after RC1.

    The two plugins that are showing the same fault are Bug Library and Minutes, Agendas and Newsletters. Both have a submit button that no longer displays a form dialog.

    I have informed the developers.

    The problem can be observed on my test website – under WordPress 3.2.1 (and possibly 3.3. RC1) the button ‘Report New Issue’ invokes the display of a form dialog.

    Will Chapman

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  • I think the jquery version in RC2 is 1.7.1. Are your plugins compatible with that version of Jquery?

    @nbquidditch: Somehow the js is mixed with html. Obviously this results in a syntax error. Look at line 279-284 in the page source. Looks like a faulty WordPress plugin and not a jQuery issue.

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    3.3. RC1 used jQuery 1.7.0

    Have you tested with JUST those plugins installed on a clean install, using only the Twenty-Eleven theme?

    Thanks for the responses.

    As suggested by @Ipsenu, I tried Twenty-Eleven and the plugins both run without problems.

    As the original plugins run happily in my current theme (Atuhualpa) in WP3.2x it becomes clear that the problem is an incompatibility between Ata and WP3.3RC2. Accordingly I will open posts on their forum.



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    It’s a trifecta :/ Atuhualpa + Plugin + WP 3.2

    Please let us know what you find out!

    Issue resolved. It seems to have been a combination of less than precise coding and WP 3.3 (starting with RC2) tightening up on what code it would let slip through. Perhaps related to RC2 adopting jQuery 1.7.1?

    Anyway, as the plugin developer has been very busy on another project I decided to try & track the issues down myself. I found and corrected two soft bugs – by which I mean had no (obvious) effect until RC2 – and the developer found a couple more.

    For the record, the main issue was that there was some jscript code
    embedded in HTML that needed to be protected with a CDATA block to stop the parser converting it to HTML escape codes. The article at was very helpful in solving this as because the embedding involved jscript, php and html, the choice of comment delimiters to wrap around the CDATA block was critical.

    On reflection I am quite surprised that this didn’t break the code in WP 3.2.1 and also with WP3.3 in different themes (like Twenty Eleven)

    Thanks for your various inputs on this.



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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