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  • I’m not asking for any help here, but just to gather the comments of users here that experienced the update to wordpress 3.3 that comes with tons of problems. I’ve got 5 wordpress sites , tried updated 2 of them to wp 3.3 & both of them got screwed with problems that are different from each other. I see tons of users here with various other problems that are not same with mine as well.

    I dunno how the heck you all test the software before it’s launching. Sorry if I sound ungrateful, I know wordpress is free & all the while the past updates were great & they always work with the auto update & I dont get much conflict at all with themes & plugins in the past. But this time around… OH MY GOD…. php problems, theme problems, css problems, plugins problems, headache! headache! headache!

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  • Normally I’ll take about a month or so to update. Wait for everything to stabilize then only we update. That is why on behalf of our hosting company WPWebHost, we adviced our users not to update first until everything is stable.

    WordPress 3.3 just released. It takes time for theme and plugin developers to update their plugins/ themes to ensure they work with the latest version. This is WordPress’ fault. It’s a fact of software development life cycle. Think of this as the testing phase. I haven’t updated my sites as of yet, since I know there’s going to be issues that need to get resolved. With that being said, anytime you update your website, it’s your responsibility to ensure the plugins and themes you use are compatible.

    Within a few months, this will all be behind us, as it always is. Then, I’ll push all of my sites through the upgrade. In the meantime, I’ve installed 3.3 on my dev server to “play around” with it. I can test everything prior to updating a “live site”

    New releases always come with bugs. It’s hard to shake them all out without code actually being used by the masses.

    Frankly, though, I had only a single problem across the twelve sites I upgraded to 3.3, and it was theme-related (and took all of 30 seconds to fix once I figured out what was causing it). I haven’t experienced any of the upgrade issues other people have been posting about… don’t know if I’m just lucky or what.

    And the sites I upgraded are far more than simple basic installs. More than half of them are heavily customized with custom content types, custom themes, and plugins written exclusively for the features my clients needed. There was a LOT that could have gone wrong and virtually nothing did.

    Of course I also didn’t directly upgrade any of my live sites, which is what it sounds like a lot of people have been doing. I tested them on localhost first, and again in a test subdomain, with a duplicate of my live site on it, on my webhost’s server before I ever touched the live site… which is what anyone who runs a complex site or sites should be doing any time there’s a major update.

    Simple rule… if you’re not comfortable with debugging code, never upgrade to the first release of a new version of anything. Wait until the x.x.1 release.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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