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    Hi guys,

    Been using WP for about a year now, loving it.

    Today though, has been a nightmare. Got a new domain on a hot topic, installed newest version of WP (3.2.1) and it got hacked within minutes. I had NO plugins, NO special themes.

    Got attacked by some malware URLs:

    ErrorDocument 400
    ErrorDocument 401
    ErrorDocument 403
    ErrorDocument 404

    [Mod. – Delinked to not make them clickable. Let us not help the spammers.]

    Pretty ridiculous, and very frustrating.

    I’d like to know how this got in my htaccess file exactly… Working with my VPS hosting company but it’s not going anywhere.

    I’ve re-installed it several times, I’ve even installed the Secure WordPress plugin, and still infected.

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  • I do have also faced the same problem.. I don’t know what to do.. I am too totally frustratin… If I downgrade it, it will not go out..

    Please do update it is important..


    Same here.. This has cost me a lot of time today…….. I have moved all the sites and disabled them as every time I fix the .htaccess file it happenes again soon there after. I hope I got it until there is a fix…

    Of course, it all comes down to clamping down the security of your WP installation. I was under the impression that WP comes pretty secure, but nope. I have to re-write htaccess, change permissions, etc… Not everybody knows how to do this, so how about those other millions of blog out there? 😮

    Hi Rezwalker66 can you tell me how did you do that.. can you please take a time and write it down by step by step..I will appreciate that..

    Waiting for your reply..


    Where are you hosting your site? What themes do you have installed? That can make a big difference.

    *If WP 3.2.1 itself was vulnerable, you would see a lot more hacked sites.


    I have this happening on many different servers that are all secure. It was fine before the latest update but some of my sites have not been found yet it seems. Since I took them down no issues. I would love to see what the changes were to make it secure as I am going to have to change to another platform if not patched soon….

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    Of course, it all comes down to clamping down the security of your WP installation.

    +1 for that and good job locking down your install. It takes effort but is definitely worth it.

    *If WP 3.2.1 itself was vulnerable, you would see a lot more hacked sites.

    Amen to that!

    Guys? WordPress is not your web server or hosting provider. It’s just another software package that you are running.

    It’s not easy to keep it all up to date, but reflexively blaming WordPress will a) not solve your problem and b) waste your time when you keep getting hacked.

    If you run or are using an insecure web server, if you don’t keep up your versions of your web server software, your PHP, your support libraries, your Linux distro, etc. then you will get hacked. It’s too easy for bots to find vulnerable installations; they’re not targeting YOU, they are looking for low hanging fruit.

    There is hope and if you’ve the patience and are willing to learn new things then give these a read.

    Safety net: I tell you three times, backup, backup, backup. And learn how to restore. Practice restoring, with a good file and database backup you’ll have the best way to fix things. Automated backups are your friend and I keep mine off the web server every night.

    Harden your installation. Your web server runs as a userid and there is not really a good reason to let all userids on your server be able to write to the WordPress directories. You can really lock down the file system but some nice features such as auto update will not work. You’ll have to update your themes, plugins, and WordPress files by hand if you tighten the permissions too much. If you keep getting hacked, then that maybe the way to go.

    These are good starts. With a little system administration experience under your belt, you’ll enjoy having a good WordPress install.



    It seems to be similar to this topic raised yesterday – same malware but the security hole wasn’t thumb.php here if it was a clean install with no plugins/themes

    Very interested to know if anyone’s found any (encrypted) links in the database?

    Thank you

    Yeah, I see posts popping up all over the internet today about this…. Pretty much as soon as I hid the installs for the time being and corrected all htacess files it stopped. I am today going through and implementing many of the ideas offered here and will put one WP back up at a time to see where it is coming from..

    Thanks everyone for the info!

    Yeah, love the thread guys, keep the ideas coming. Let’s stay strong and vigilant.

    I think the lesson here is that no one is immune, but you can minimize damage.

    Great points brought up by Jan, I was actually reading on those things last night. Unfortunately I was messing around with my htaccess file and permissions and broken stuff, but hey that’s how you learn!

    Just like I learned how crucial backups can be.

    Btw, I’m having my VPS host look into the logs as we speak to see how the rewrites were injected, ill report my findings here.

    This has been a useful post to help fix up the htaccess files

    Cool WordPress .htaccess Tips to Boost Your WordPress Site’s Security

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    Got a new domain on a hot topic, installed newest version of WP (3.2.1) and it got hacked within minutes.

    Then the issue is your webhost. Or your pc. someone else had the same problem on the SAME host.

    They have no clue in that post as to what is even going on. It was a injection to the htacess file. If it was what that post said then it would still be happening to me. Also, that is not my host and I bet the others that had the issue are not on it either… Also, they did not even come close to figuring it out… Good try though.

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    htaccess only protects you so far.

    Jan Dembowski nailed it in one.

    You need to lock down your site, not JUST your .htaccess but the files, your passwords, etc etc.

    All the other stuff was already completed. Thanks for your help.

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