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    Hello I noticed after upgrade to version 3.2.1 of WordPress if enter to administrate my post and I go to a specific post for instance: Post1 -> Edit: I see the layout screen with only one column. I choose under Screen Option -> Number of COlumns 2 , and the layout change: the column are two but… the second is empty! All the windows (categories… Dynamic Content Gallery Metabox etc…) stay under only one column . I use the last version of Firefox. Does someone have the same issue?T Thanks! Matteo!

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  • solved… in effect I have to drag and drop the module on the right. the upgrade resets all the custom view I have done before into Edit-> POST. If you simply drag and drop one window on the right -by clicking with the mouse on the top of the window when the arrow becomes “four arrows like”- this does not work! You must keep pressed the right button till you move the window on the right-TOP AND till you see appearing a rectangle dash-line board . Only In this case you can release the buttom and the position of the window changes otherwise the window return to its original position.

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