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  • I’m using version 3.2.1 and all of a sudden my customers don’t get emails when they register to the site. the Admin does, me, but my customers don’t.

    I am using version 3.2 on my other site and that works fine.

    Please help! I must resolve this issue immediately


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    Doesn’t help much. I do have a hosting server with smtp.
    I don’t know anything about codes and where to put them.

    I would appreaciate it if someone walked me through this


    it was working fine with the prior versions

    By the way, when I click on “I forgot my password” and I put in the email address of the client, I do get the email sent with the new password.

    So the problem lies with the first email. the registration confirmation email only. This tells me it is not a server thing, but a WP issue.

    Please help,


    Don’t know if anyone is ready this. I files from the WP 3.2 version. Re-installed them in my hosting domain and now my emails are sent to the clients. I believe it is a 3.2.1 issue. Please fix it! and let me know




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    Sorry but there is no known email issue with 3.2.1 – otherwise we’d have been swamped with support posts on the subject. whatever this is, it is specific to your site.

    then, can you please explain how I re-installed the version 3.2.1 on my hosting site. deleted the old databases, started from scratch and it still did not work? while my other site, which I created with version 3.2 at the same time sends out the emails?

    and now that I re=installed version 3.2 on the site that wasn’t working suddenly works again?


    Does it work with no plugins installed at all?

    I believe I have found the problem.
    I unistalled wordpress from my hosting site, and did a clean install of version 3.2.1

    It worked. I was able to send the emails to my clients. HOWEVER, my customers are in spanish, so I downloaded the spanish version 3.2.1 and followed the instructions on adding the language (es_Es) in config.php, and uploading the file.

    When I register a new client now with wp in spanish. it does not send out the email to the client.

    How can I fix this, the spanish language is very important for me.


    I downloaded the spanish version 3.2.1 and followed the instructions on adding the language (es_Es) in config.php

    I believe that’s incorrect (though my familiarity with Language based WP is minimal). I think you EITHER download the Spanish Language one OR you use the language file, but not both.

    The first time, I did an install from the wordpress dashboard to the spanish version. when I did that, I found out the registration emails weren’t getting to my users. I unistalled wordpress from the host site.
    Then, I re-installed the english version from scratch 3.2.1 and it worked! I then followed the instructions on how to put the language file to work (config.php and uploaded the file) at that time it stopped generating the emails to my new users.

    I removed the es_Es from config.php and it worked again, but only in the english version.

    …so, again, how can I work around this problem and install the spanish version to make it work? my site must be in spanish…


    Two different things here. There’s the Spanish version of WP and there’s the language pack.

    1) Have you tested with downloading from (note – if you use this version DO NOT use the language file!)

    2) Have you tested the English version of 3.2 (NOT 3.2.1) with the language file?

    I just tried it. Step by step just like it says on the site.
    It did not work! This is very very frustaring!!!

    I don’t have the 3.2 version with the language file any more

    Someone help

    I just tried puting the language file es_ES in my site that is running wp 3.2 (the language files from 3.2.1 spanish) and this works.

    it sends the password emails to my users.
    I’m running out of ideas. I don’t know why the 3.2.1 is giving me such a hard time with the spanish version.

    I’m going to try this approach. I will set up the 3.2.1 version for so I can create the tables. Then I will transfer the 3.2 version I have from the site and see if this works.

    I don’t have the 3.2 version with the language file any more

    You can download ALL the old versions you know. has all the old English ones. would be the direct link for the old Spanish one.

    Thanks! but nothing seems to work. I have tried just about everything, and it must be something in the code of the spanish language that is causing this.

    I am using a plugin that allows the user to enter a custom password from the start, and that seems to work, because they don’t have to wait for an email from me.

    However, If someone out there can shed light on this, I would be very grateful.

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