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  • Upgrading to WordPress 3.2 breaks the slider on my site. Getting a javascript error about “undefined” on line 20 col 355 which appears to playing with the title attribute on the img tag.

    Looking into “list-images-single-post.php” I found this line:

    // Create the image tag.  The title should be pulled from the post title
    			echo '<img src="'.$arr_image[0].'" '.
    				(('true' == $parms['caption']) ? ' title="'.get_the_title($id).'"' : '').

    No title attribute appears to be generated if captioning is off. I changed the line to:

    // Create the image tag.  The title should be pulled from the post title
    			echo '<img src="'.$arr_image[0].'" '.
    				(('true' == $parms['caption']) ? ' title="'.get_the_title($id).'"' : ' title=""').

    to just generate an empty attribute when captioning is off. Works for me and captions still do not show if you don’t want them.

    Line would have to be fixed in all the “list-images-*.php” files.

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  • hi
    i have a similar problem since upgrading to WP 3.2.1. i was on 1.6.1 of easy nivo but have now updated to the 2.0 beta but it still does not work.

    the javascript error i get is this:

    [25/07/11 09:19:29] JavaScript -
    Event thread: DOMContentLoaded
    Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot convert 'title' to object
    Error thrown at line 20, column 565 in <anonymous function>(settings) in
    called from line 22, column 0 in <anonymous function>(element, options) in
    called from line 67, column 294 in <anonymous function: $.fn.nivoSlider>(key, value) in
        var nivoslider=new NivoSlider(this,options);
    called from line 16, column 24139 in <anonymous function: each>(a, c, d) in
    called via from line 16, column 17720 in <anonymous function: each>(a, b) in
        return e.each(this,a,b)
    called from line 67, column 138 in <anonymous function: $.fn.nivoSlider>(options) in
        return this.each(function(key,value){var element=$(this);if('nivoslider'))return'nivoslider');var nivoslider=new NivoSlider(this,options);'nivoslider',nivoslider);});
    called from line 3, column 3 in <anonymous function>($) in
    called from line 16, column 30126 in <anonymous function: resolveWith>(e, f) in
    called via Function.prototype.apply() from line 16, column 20176 in <anonymous function: ready>(a) in
    called from line 16, column 29005 in <anonymous function: z>() in

    i tried your edit in the plugin folder misc:list-images-single-post.php

    my code in the template is:
    <?php easy_nivo_slider_for_featured_images(array(‘category’=>’HomeSlider’,’effect’=>’fade’,’transition’=>’1000′,’pause’=>’5000′)); ?>

    which has worked very well in other sites.

    The first image is on the page but there is no sliding / swapping of images.

    Same issue!

    I fixed my installation by editing the file: plugins/easy-nivo-slider/3rd-party/jquery.nivo.slider.js

    I commented out line 97:

    [code]if(title.substr(0,1) == ‘#’) title = $(title).html();[/code]

    My Nivo slider is now working and even previews OK.

    The fix suggested by Daniel Payne worked for me, but my slider images did not look good after implementing the fix, they all got a black bar underneath.

    I then downloaded the newest version of the Nivo Slider from and updated the three files in the folder plugins/easy-nivo-slider/3rd-party/ – This worked great for me.

    Hope that it can help others in this situation.

    I was having the same issues, no sliding images unless the ‘caption’ option is enabled.

    As CarstenTimm says, just go here:

    and download the free version, extract the 3 files:


    from the nivo slider folder, replace the existing files in the folder plugins/easy-nivo-slider/3rd-party/ on your server and all should work!

    Thanks CarstenTimm.



    Just implemented this fix and it’s working with no problems.



    Thanks Dekoded, this helped my issue aswell.

    The Slider was displaying pictures that were no longer marked as featured. The old ones are no longer displayed after updating the css, js files form the new nivo-free package

    Kieran McCarthy


    dekoded’s solution worked for me. Thanks

    It’s been a couple of months now, but I just did a fresh install of WP and the plugin, which was also broken. Dekoded’s solution just worked for me also. Thanks!

    *thumbs up* … been on FB too damn much, Dekoded, I LIKED your solution. Worked like a charm.

    Wow. Big help. Thanks.

    Still using Dekoded’s solution through all updates – now on 3.3.1.

    You do not need it, it seems, if you want text/captions over your images.

    But if you want the images to slide with no text then replace the 3 files as instructed

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