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  • I just created a new blog and did my first “manual” installation of wordpress 3.1.2 at Everything appeared to go fine (always used a script in the past to create a new blog) and the site appears fine with two exceptions:

    1. The new wordpress admin bar is missing.
    2. When I am working on a new post, if I try to preview the post, it gives me a 404 error.

    I have installed wordpress with Fantastico more than 50 times with no issues. This was my first manual install, did I miss an option somewhere?

    Troubleshooting: I have tried just using the default theme, but the problem existed in 2010 as well. I also disabled all of the plugins. Still not showing.

    My header call and footer call are correct, and I even tried a re-install with the automatic update option. Grrrrr!

    What did I do wrong? How do I fix it?


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  • Did you make sure that absolutely everything got uploaded with FTP, I had a problem once where not every file uploaded and created problems for me.

    Yes, but even so, would the “upgrade” install everything (from the wp-admin panel).

    Check in profile if admin bar is deactivated

    Govpatel, I’ve toggled both options, both ways. I can get the admin bar to show up in the wp-admin, just not on the site.

    how can i upload plug in to my wordpress

    @joemanausa The admin bar is only for admin it will not open for regular visitors and if you running a membership wordpress then it open with restrictions that you have set to members

    @dominicando86 log in as admin click on Plugins>>> Add new search for plugin and click install and once installed click on activate.

    govpatel, thanks again, but there is no membership site set-up. That is just in my menu right now. This has been a problem since wordpress install, right “out of the box.” I have about 80 wordpress blog sites, I have a decent understanding of how the admin bar works :). I am just baffled why this one is not showing. This is the ONLY time I have ever done a manual install, that is all that I can think of that is different.

    @joemanausa I had the same problem as you with a site I had transferred from one server to another. The admin bar showed up after I deleted my cookies.



    This happened to me recently. I had forgotten to add the wp_footer(); hook. The admin bar hooks onto it.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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