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  • So many wordpress updates, seems like I am always having to install a new update, and now whats with the stupid menu bar at the top of wordpress version 3.1
    I thought only Bill “Fa***t As*” Gates was the only person who added more worthless bells and whistles instead of fixing bugs and other issues.

    The header bar is annoying, besides there are many more options and control from the back end, who needs the header bar?

    now, tell me something good about 3.1

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  • Quite a lot of people like the Admin Bar. I, for one, find it extremely handy to be able to jump to the most common places I go in my site. Not to mention the addition of the clever stats display (since I use the stats plugin) and the frankly amazing Debug Bar plugin (a must for WP developers).

    But there’s much more in 3.1 too:

    When I am editing a site, I have two windows open, one to make changes, and the other I refresh and view the changes. it works better.

    Also, this is off subject, since you mentioned the stats, whats with the askimet, its not working any more, and now when I log into the control panel, I click on get askimet key, and it sends me to another site.

    It’s garbage. I totally agree, it’s symptomatic of the internet getting dumber and dumber on the surface and harder and harder to manage behind the scenes. Have you figured out how to get rid of it?

    vehicros – Contact Akismet or make a new topic in the plugins section. It’s working fine for me.

    nickaster – Read

    Yes we have ways to turn it off.

    Debug feature? where, I looked at the new menu bar, looked under the Tools menu, I dont see a debug feature.

    As for the updates, dont get me wrong, I love wordpress, Joomla is such a time consuming mess of endless things to click on, whereas wordpress is really simple, and almost everyone can use it.
    I am running wordpress on over 20 websites. I love it, until a site gets hacked.
    I see the word Security update in almost every single update notification.
    The menu bar should be a plugin rather than a feature of the upgrade.

    Good question here.
    If a site skips a few updates, could that cause problems?

    I want to keep all my installations up to date, but even more, want to make sure all the active plugins work all the time.

    When and Why are these updates/upgrade actually needed?

    Debug feature

    notice the link where that was mentioned, its a plugin

    If a site skips a few updates, could that cause problems?

    You answered your own question…

    I love it, until a site gets hacked.

    Read about the updates. If they contain any security fixes, update immediately. If they only implement new features you wouldn’t need to right away. But nearly always, some sort of security enhancement is included

    Well Voodoo
    you seem to be a cocky arrogant “Idiot” because you really didnt read my question did you? And if you did, then your know it all attitude prevented you from understanding the question.

    Please keep your worthless comments to yourself,

    Thank you

    alguna persona sabe porque cuando actualizo a WordPress 3.1 mis enlaces permanentes se desconfiguran no sirven los menus WordPress 3.1 will not let ourselves create the structures to agree or like our permanent links that had to do to accommodate that?… my email is:


    lol, aren’t you important.

    If my tone came off wrong, take it easy. It’s been a rough time around here helping people.

    As are all the helpers on this site, I am a volunteer who likes WordPress. Which, by the way, thank you for judging me… I appreciate how helpful you’ve been to the community here.

    I was honestly trying to answer any questions you asked. And I feel I did.

    You seem to have asked 3 questions, all of which I answered.

    #1 Where is the debug feature: The debug feature is a plugin, which was linked previously.

    #2 If a site skips a few updates, could it cause problems. YES it can leave you vulnerable to hacks. Nearly all WP updates contain security updates. It is always recommended to update immediately. Nobody here will ever say differently.

    #3 When and why updates needed? THey are released as needed for security, and semi-regularly (on a loose schedule) for feature enhancements. And should be updated immediately. See previous answer.

    If you are worried about plugins not being compatible, set up a dev install somewhere. Its what most people do. At some point, you will lose a plugin. They aren’t all going to be supported forever. You have to find subs sometimes

    There, I have tried to read between the lines and answer the questions you asked, plus what you didn’t really ask but seem to have expected someone to figure out you meant.


    @gustavox, please start a new thread. It is considered rude to hijack someone else’s thread, plus it causes confusion

    Why wordpress 3.1 fully unconfigure permanent links? That is my question as such

    @gustavox, again, really, its best to start your own thread. As it also helps others searching for the same problem. But this upgrade did not break permalinks in any way. I have all sorts of custom stuff that works. Maybe if you start a new topic, and provide detail as to your exact problem, we could help

    Since we’ve devolved to name calling AND since this isn’t an alpha/beta question, folks, please make your own NEW topics in

    BEFORE you do that, though, PLEASE read this topic:

    We may have already found your problem and fixed it.

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