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  • Straight off, I have tried and I am not “having a go at anyone”.

    I was waiting for the weekend to upgrade to version 3.1. The site has less traffic over the weekend and I have a bit more time for that type of activity.

    Maybe it is my own fault, but I didn’t realise the problems with 3.1 and permalinks until AFTER I upgraded.

    I have spent the afternoon trying to get the custom permalinks working without success.

    My suggestion is that the 3.1 upgrade should come with a health warning until the issue is resolved.


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  • if you run IIS – there is a problem and ver. 3.1.1 is almost ready with a fix

    it can’t come quick enough. when i posted the “suggestion”, i at least had a site that worked. now i am just getting “service unavailable” and i can’t log into wp-admin. i was just going to log in and put up a message for visitors who had clicked on broken external links, but i can’t even do that now. what’s the point! the day is just going from bad to frigging worse. i know people are working hard to solve this, but it just kills me how broken my site is now, after “upgrading”. why, oh why, oh why,,,

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    You had no luck with the canonical plugin as a fix? Damn.

    We really could use more IIS folks in the betas :/

    Thanks Ipstenu and Samuel B.

    I have the site running again, but still the issue with custom permalinks – external/incoming links get a 404.

    I have reverted to default permalinks, which at least means that visitors clicking external links get to our home page.

    I have tried Hotfix, Permalink Fix & Disable Canonical Redirects Pack and FV Top Level Categories plugins individually and together with custom links and no joy. For example,

    See here:

    I am on a Windows/IIS hosting plan, but I suspect IIS6.

    I will await 3.1.1.

    I still think that the WP News section on the Dashboard should include a posting in addition to “WordPress 3.1, lots of fun”.



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    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Yeah, there are … IIS6 has some surprising gotchas.

    If you’re up for it, have you read these two trac tickets?

    There are more tweaks in there that may get you back up and running :/

    I have my website on a Linux server and I am also having problems with permalinks after I upgraded to 3.1 so I guess it is not just the ISS server…

    Well I finally found my problem:

    Seams like Simple tags plugin was my cause…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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