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[Resolved] wordpress 3.1 new install: can't create subblogs

  • I have upgraded a multisite to wordpress 3.1 and that worked fine, but then created on another Domain a fresh install of WP3.1, followed process for enabling multisite, but the subblogs I create (admin and frontend) are not found.
    also in the blogs.dir folder, no new folders get created when I add a new blog (permissions 777).
    I use .htaccess from Network admin->settings->Network setup.
    I chose subfolders as network option.
    otherwise clean install, no plugins except maintenance mode.

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  • Are the DB tables being created?

    also in the blogs.dir folder, no new folders get created when I add a new blog

    And they will not. This folder is not where blogs will live – they are *virtual*. this folder is for media up-loads ONLY.

    Subfolder blogs are based on your htaccess file. If your server isn’t reading it properly, there’s your problem.

    sortofme, do you mean the blogs.dir/NUMBER/files folders or something else?

    I’m having a similar issue. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

    1. I just installed a fresh copy of WP3.1 and setup the multisite network on it (to point to subdirectories) with no issues.
    2. wp-config.php and .htaccess contain exactly what the install told me to put in there.
    3. In Network Admin->Sites->Add New, I created a new site named “newsite” to point to the subdirectory “newsite”.
    4. It told me the site was setup, I can access the dashboard of the newly created site, it sent me the email confirmation, etc. At this point, I didn’t check if the outward facing site was live.
    5. I then went in to my hosting (GoDaddy, although don’t read too much into that because I have a totally different WP3.1 install that I’ve made this work before with GoDaddy) and created a domain to point to the “newsite” folder.
    6. After giving some time for that to propagate to DNS, I attempted to access it directly and it gives me a Forbidden 500 error. I then attempted to access it through parentdomain.com/newsite/ and that gives me a 404 error.
    7. This is where I’m stuck. The sites don’t have any data on them, so I could delete the entire thing and start over, but I’m curious as to how I could make this same setup work with a different hosting account, but this one isn’t. Any ideas are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

    praeix – Same question. Did the DB tables get created?

    @andrea_r: sorry, I thought blogs.dir/NUMBER/files/gets created on blog creation, not first upload of media to the new blog.
    @ipstenu: no tables are created.
    still stuck with that.

    @praeix: deleting and creating a new blog does not help. I also notice anoterh weirdness while creating the sub-blog: I entered an email adress as blog admin.. and it adds a new user, with the blog name as user name. this can later not be changed though.(might be a new thread)

    interesting: since I installed WP database manager, the tables DO get created… might have been a wrong info before.

    @ipstenu – It appears as though my database is all out of whack. There are a total of 43 tables in there (should be more like 17 or so by my estimates). I don’t believe that I deleted my previous WP install tables (3.1 beta) before I installed 3.1 final release. I’m going to empty my database and re-install.

    @sortofme – mine appears to have done the exact same thing. There is a new user named “newsite” on mine, which is the same name as the subsite itself.

    @ipstenu & @sortofme: I emptied my database, deleted all remote server WordPress files, reupped them and went through it again and now everything works just fine.

    I really think my issue was having the old install tables of WordPress 3.1 beta in there.

    @praeix Shouldn’t have mattered, unless you’re using the same DB for a totally separate install with the same wp prefix… that might do it.

    The new user newsite is as it should be. When you register for a new account AND a new site at once, the default name of the new site is your username.

    @sortofme – Sounds like DB weirdness, like it’s detecting the wrong site or something. That really is weird! You don’t have multiple installs on one DB do you?

    @ipstenu: I might have jumped the gun initially on my last post. I did empty the database table and reinstalled WP3.1, and it WAS working, but now it’s right back to where it was again. I think before it was using the same prefix in the database, but this time it shouldn’t have.

    Would attaching a domain to this subsite cause any issues? For instance, the root domain (for example) is domain.com/ The subsite is at domain.com/newsite and I want to attach newsite.com/ to the new subsite. Would this be causing 500 and 404 errors when I attempt to access it? And also, why would it work immediately after I did the reinstall and not work 1 hour later?

    No, pointing a domain would NOT cause this, but I cede to Andrea, who’s savvier at that than I am.

    That it suddenly STOPPED working sounds like your DNS is acting up.

    @ipstenu: I appreciate your help here. I double checked and the database tables were created properly, all settings appear to be in order… So, I’m going to give it some time before I go changing anything else with the DNS. I know it can take up to 24-48 hours to propagate, so if it’s still acting up in 2 days, I’m going to contact my hosting and see if this can be resolved. Will post any useful info I find. Thanks again!

    @praeix are you using the domain mapping plugin to “attach” your other domain to the subsite? If not, that could be why.

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