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  • Hi guys, Magic Fields still has unexpected behavior when running on a Multisite build of WordPress. Specifically, it appears that the Write Panels you create exist across *all* sites in the Multisite build. This is dangerous because you can delete a write panel in one site, and it will also be deleted in all other sites, causing unintended data loss.

    Looking at the database, WordPress sets up a set of tables for each new site on the Multisite install, and prefixes them with wp_X_ (where X is the ID of the new site). Note that we also have a “base install” of WordPress tables that does not have an ID in the table name (so it’s just wp_* instead of wp_X_*).

    So, for example, we have a site with an ID of 13 that has these magic fields tables:
    * wp_13_mf_post_meta (the table that holds the magic fields content)
    * wp_13_mf_write_panels (the table that holds the magic fields write panels)
    Right now, wp_13_mf_post_meta is being filled with data related to site 13. However, wp_13_mf_write_panels is empty…and all the other wp_X_mf_write_panels tables are empty as well. Currently all the write panels data is being stored in wp_mf_write_panels, which *all* the sites are referring to. The write panels should be specific to each site, so deleting a panel on one site will not affect the other sites in the Multisite build.

    Anyway, you guys are probably working on this, I’m just hoping it’s done soon! Thanks again for all your hard work.

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  • Hi, just following up on this one.
    Wondering when magic fields write panels will be unique to each site in a multisite wordpress config.
    Right now there is one set of write panels that get used across all sites.

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