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  1. technolife
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi WP-ers,

    Hoping someone can help as been struggling with this for months now. Is there a way to have wordpress 3.0 multisite blogs with nested paths / at different subfolder levels?

    The site is a non wordpress CMS

    But every category folder needs its own blog:

    Saw this awesome hack:
    Anyone got this to work with WordPress 3.0? Can anyone post instructions for wordpress 3.0 multisite, as we cannot get it working. If there is a plugin that applies this that would be great!

    Other idea – I saw someone managed to map a domain subfolder to each wordpress multisite, like domain.com/blog to one site, maybe this can be used to achieve my desired result = map mysite.com/travel/blog to one site and mysite.com/insurance/blog to another site?

    Also what about this:
    mysite.com – WP blog
    mysite.com/shopping – Non-WP custom PHP CMS
    mysite.com/shopping/blog – WP blog
    Can the two blogs above be multisite blogs so they can be managed from one admin / share plugins and themes?

    If anyone can do a plugin or even solve this for a small fee please let me know. Hopefully there are not downsides to this hack? Like the rest of wordpress and all the plugins shd work fine right?

    Very keen to solve this so anyone pls reply or msg me, have seen lots of other people needing this too, thanks

  2. Aaron Wagner
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I hate to dredge up an 8 month old post, but did you ever get a solution on this? I am not particularly looking forward to 'flattening" our folder structure. Any insight would be awesome!

  3. You could always add /blog/ to your permalink structure for the sub-sites.

    So site #1 is your main site. It WILL use the /blog/ folder for posts:
    Main: domain.com
    Pages: domain.com/pagename
    Posts: domain.com/blog/YYYY/MM/DD/Postname (or whatevber)

    Site #2 is shopping. Make your permalinks /blog/YYYY/MM/postname and you get:
    Main: domain.com/shopping
    Pages: domain.com/shopping/pagename
    Posts: domain.com/shoppoing/blog/YYYY/MM/postname

    Would that work?

  4. Aaron Wagner
    Posted 5 years ago #

    In a word, no.

    Here is a post I just made about this issue: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/nested-sites-without-multiple-installations

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