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    I have two blogs hosted on a shared plan from Dreamhost. I’ve upgraded both blogs to WordPress 3.0.

    After upgrading, I am getting intermittent 404 error pages, but only from the admin panel. It’s happening on both blogs and it was never an issue before.

    For example, if I click to publish a blog post, sometimes it will publish. Other times, I will get a 404 page not found error. The same thing happens if I click on other links like Plugins or whatever from the WordPress Admin panel.

    What can I do to resolve this problem?

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  • jmorrow


    I did find out what the problem is.

    I guess Dreamhost is killing my user for using too many resources.



    That sounds an awful lot like the problem I’m having. Do you remember any of the error messages in the error log? I chatted with DreamHost support and the tech said that he’d see a specific message if my scripts were being killed, but I’m wondering if “Premature end of script header” is what results from a killed script.

    It’s either blame DreamHost or start hunting through my 70 active plugins…

    I have this exact same problem, and it started when I migrated my blog over to Dreamhost. Any more details/solutions for this?

    On Dreamhost as well and get them quite a bit. I only have maybe 10 plugins installed but currently working on the new site that has over 50 users (conference thing). Any fixes for this?

    Dreamhost was no help in the matter. It’s basically a policy issue. However, after much frustration, I did find the culprit plugin, at least in my case, which was WP-Stats-Dashboard. Once I removed it, suddenly my admin pages loaded quickly and the 404 errors disappeared.

    Ditto!! Removing WPStats did the trick!

    Thanks for the solution!

    We moved to a VPS and it’s going well, of course it’s more $$.

    Here’s a post about why you might be getting 404 errors in your WordPress admin

    Dreamhost I’ve found has actually been very helpful in this matter and others, their support is excellent.

    How much RAM did you choose to go with your VPS? I am looking at moving the sites I have on shared hosting over to VPS.

    Currently we have it set at 400MB, most of the loads spike close to 300… When the show goes on I’ll probably up it pretty high as they get hit a lot. I kept last years bikes (2010) in the DB as well as other old posts for an archive but it was slooooowing down the site big time. I think we had close to 2k in the posts table, including attached stuff, etc… I dumped all of that out and removed RS scope, and it’s 100xs faster now. The loads are also much smaller under 200MB if any real ones at all. Are you moving the mysql over to VPS as well? I was curious if I moved that if I could keep 2k in records in the post without a slowdown.

    Yeah, not sure about MYSQL. It seems you can either move your databases to VPS as well or leave them on a shared host. I will ask Dreamhost what they recommend. My sites were getting memory spikes up to about 48MB, the restriction on a shared host with Dreamhost is 16MB.

    I will be hosting around 10 WordPress sites on VPS, some are busier than others, so it might be trial and error for abit with how much memory is needed.

    Possy, that post from DH is great, but I found them unhelpful on this issue in general. Also, I’ve had my blog with the exact same configuration hosted previously on two other web hosting providers and never encountered this problem. For that reason alone, I’d look elsewhere for WordPress hosting.

    I also have this problem with every WP site that I have hosted on Dreamhost, but never encounter it on two other WP sites I have hosted elsewhere. Dreamhost support told me:

    One of the suggested fixes is to disable mod_security, which you can do
    so under the domains > manage domains > edit link(un check “enhanced web

    But that hasn’t done a thing. The issue occurs on every site regardless the number of plugins, or traffic I get. (Some sites are barebones with no plugins, and minimal traffic.) Since I never have this issue with my other web hosting, it definitely seems like an issue with DH. Right now my site is down since I tried to do the WP auto upgrade and then got a 500 error. So I’m manually upgrading all the WP files. I had to do that with another site this week as well. Kind of a pain.



    @eatlocal: Oh, the “failed upgrade left my site broken” problem. Been there. And I was at a public library, which in my county means no access to any of the helpful software I carry on my flash drive. With FileZilla and PuTTY available, it would have been back up in minutes. Without, it took me about an hour to figure out how to fix the problem. (DreamHost does have a nice “upgrade” feature on the one-click installs, though it can clutter your storage space with folders if you overuse that button.)


    Does nobody have a great answer to this? Most of my affected Dreamhost-hosted WP sites are resolved by a single page refresh, but my most trafficked site is just laden with something. I can barely get in to the admin at all.

    I haven’t added or modified the plugin structure in the past couple of years– the only thing I’ve done is update WP to 3.x. If there’s something I can do to reset the processes from within the terminal (even disabled plugins from within a Terminal window?), let me know– my admin is basically unusable.

    Would be all kinds of grateful.

    — Miette



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