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    1- Installed WordPress 2.9.2
    2- Upgraded to WordPress 3.0 alpha using the Beta Testers plugin – OK
    3- Installed BuddyPress – OK
    4- Created test users and groups with custom avatars – OK
    5- Installed the multi-sites network: Everything seems to work fine, the users are there and no data was lost with one exception: the custom avatars are missing. Tried to upload a new custom avatar but it doesn’t show on the crop screen. Checking the folders wp-content/uploads/avatars I’ve verified that all the custom avatars are still there and if you upload an image it’s stored there bu it doesn’t show on screen.

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  • Hi Gesdesites,

    During the multisite install you were told to make a new directory called blogs.dir in the wp-content directory. This should be the location of every blogs/sites own file. I asume buddypress is looking somewhere in that directory for it’s avatars. Maybe you could check that?

    Hope it helps.

    Thanks Frits1980

    I’ve checked that too. The images are being uploaded to the folder that I define and the image path is embedded if you click “crop”. It’s a blank image but the path to the file is the right one although the right mouse click > view image shows a “page not found” result.

    Just made another test.
    Now I’ve installed BuddyPress after upgrading to WP 3.0 alpha.
    Same result: browse image > upload > image doesn’t show but by clicking in crop it’s uploaded to the folder but the avatar place is empty (the text “Avatar Image” is displayed).

    One more test.
    1- WordPress 2.9.2
    a) New dir at wp-content > blogs.dir
    b) Settings > Miscellaneous > Set uploads to blogs.dir and wrote the full uploads URL path

    2- BuddyPress installation
    a) Avatars didn’t show
    b) Changed line 389 of bp-core-avatars.php to:
    if ( !$path = get_option( ‘upload_path’ ) )
    $path = WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/blogs.dir’;
    $path = ABSPATH . $path;
    c) It worked! At this point it was possible to upload, preview and crop the images.

    3-Upgrade to WP 3.0 alpha using the Beta Tester plugin > Bleeding edge nightlies
    a) The avatars have disappeared and in its place there’s the text “Avatar Image” and “Member Avatar”
    b) No preview on crop

    btw, Why first install 2.9.2? Why not download 3.0 alpha and start with that?

    If that is not an option, I would check the .htaccess file next. What changes in it when you go from 2.9.2 to 3.0?

    Thank you, I’ll check the .htaccess file but it seems that the best solution is to wait for the WP 3.0 Beta and the BuddyPress compatibility actions.
    The site that I want to upgrade to WPMU / WP 3.0 is a 2.9.2 installation and I want to be sure that no date will be lost during the upgrade. That’s why the 2.9.2 installation first.

    I see.
    I’ll be testing buddypress on WP 3.0 alpha soon. Hope I can help you after that.

    Tried the edit Gesdesites recommended and nothing 🙁 The problem seems to be coming from somewhere inside 3.0-alpha, 2.9.2/buddypress and mu/buddypress both work on the avatars, as soon as it’s taken to 3.0 zip.

    The problem could be in the htaccess file: “avatar issue” topic

    I’ve tried to change the htaccess file but without success.



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    Note that BP 1.2.3 is not fully compatible with WordPress 3.0 alpha and you will expect some malfunctions. Upcoming BP 1.3 will have WordPress 3.0 support.

    Yes, meanwhile WP 3.0 Beta 1 is out and the hosting companies are already offering the upgrade / installation through simple scripts.
    Hope that BP 1.3 comes quickly.
    I’m testing WP 3.0 Beta 1 with BP and besides the avatar’s issue all I can say is that it’s much faster than it was.
    This WP 3.0 is really a great work.

    Images previously / currently uploaded appear as broken image link boxes for me after the upgrade. Anyone solve this problem?



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    If you were using WPMU with BuddyPress before upgrade to WP 3.0, this post in BuddyPress forums might help you.

    tried to install (clean install) of wordpress 3.0 and activated buddypress and still got the same problem. I can’t register users to create account. site is Anyone?

    Can you guys help me with this:

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